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4 Creative Ways to Display Your Family Photos

After finally investing in family portraits, you have an album of photos to cherish. These images will help create memories and make excellent keepsakes for your loved ones, but posting them on social media is certainly not enough. To get the most out of your family portraits, you should take the time to display them in your home.

By printing and framing these images, you can make your decor more personal than ever. However, you might not be sure how to display your photos naturally and elegantly. This simple guide will provide some creative ways to show off these photos without sacrificing your home’s style.

4 Creative Ways To Display Your Family Photos

Create a gallery wall

When displaying your family photos, they don’t always need to hang alone or in large groups. A gallery wall is a creative way to integrate these images into your decor by mixing them in with other pieces of art. Many homeowners choose to design a gallery wall over the living room sofa or in the dining room, for example. This flexible grid of frames creates an eye catching feature in your home.

The key to an effective gallery wall is to coordinate the images without matching them. So, you might pull a color scheme from your family portraits and select other art that blends well. You might also choose to design an all black and white wall with mismatched frames. Be sure to consider the colors in the room’s decor when selecting prints and frames.

Order large canvas prints

To display the images in a sophisticated way, consider ordering several canvas prints. Unlike the photos in a gallery wall, these prints are meant to stand out. Select your favorite image of your whole family and hang it in the living room. You might also hang one canvas print of each of your children on a wall or staggered up the stairs.

Remember that a large canvas print is a statement, so be mindful of colors. Bold colored prints can be an excellent addition to rooms with more understated or neutral color schemes. Black-and-white prints can add elegance to a colorful room. As with any large wall features, canvas prints can show your personality, so have fun with hanging these pieces.

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Put frames on a shelf

Not every family photo needs to be the center of the room. If you prefer simple styles, try integrating your prints into a bookshelf or wall shelf. This will work well for 5-inch-by-7-inch prints or any frame around that size. You may choose to dedicate the entire shelf to small prints and framed artwork. Alternatively, you might try displaying one or two prints on several shelves around your home. You are also not limited to the living room and office when decorating shelves. The bathroom and kitchen can also be great places to subtly display these cherished images. They can become sweet additions to any room’s decor.

Hang a clothesline

If you’re looking to add some whimsy to your home decor while displaying your family portraits, try hanging prints on a clothesline. You can find several ways to incorporate this idea into your home. You can hang a string across a wall and attach each photo to the string with a clothespin. This string can hang alone or parallel to others. This can be great for kids’ bedrooms or anywhere where your children play. To elevate the clothesline display, stretch two or three strings within a frame and pin the photos. By using the frame, you combine the classic look of wall art with the youthful design of the clothespins.

Whether you hang your family photos within a frame or on a canvas print, these images will fill your home with love and memories. In addition to trying the above ideas, you can get creative with your own wall art concepts. As you integrate your photos into the decor or create bold wall features, you will make your decor personal and meaningful.

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