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Adorable Gender-Neutral Nursery Themes For 2019

Expecting a little one this year? A new baby is one of the sweetest gifts the New Year can bring. As you buy tiny clothes and baby gear, you are likely preparing the nursery as well. Even when you have all the furniture in place, choosing the right theme can be tricky. Your infant will start life in this environment, so you want the room to show personality and provide comfort.

If you are tired of plain nursery designs and cliched themes, this is the decor guide for you. The following gender-neutral ideas will help you create an imaginative space to nurture your child through their first years.

Adorable Gender Neutral Nursery Themes for 2019

Tiny Travelers

Engage your child’s curiosity from a young age with a travel-themed nursery. You might choose to take an adventurous approach by incorporating nature scenes such as a mountain mural or photos of the coast. Frame a world map and prints with wanderlust-themed quotes. Imagery such as arrows, passport stamps, and airplanes can make sweet additions to the space.

If you are a globe-trekker yourself, frame photos from your own travels to place around the room. Other keepsakes like ticket stubs and postcards can be nice touches as well. The photos and prints that you choose can help you decide on an overall color scheme.

Soothing Celestial

A celestial-themed room can be a positively dreamy space for your little one to rest and grow. Whether you stick with the stars or incorporate all of the planets, this theme is a great way to have fun with wall prints and kids pillows. As a central wall feature, consider hanging a star map representing your child’s birthday. A starry mobile is a must for this room design. Lunar prints and patterns can also add a calming touch to the space.

As for a color scheme, blue, gold, and gray lend themselves to a celestial theme. If you plan to keep the same general design as your child grows, keep the themed-touches more subtle or age-neutral.

Nursery stars on wall

Literary Lullabies

Bookish parents will delight in filling their baby’s room with literary decor. By creating a literary-themed nursery for your baby, you can introduce the child to the magical, imaginative world of books from the start. A little library of children’s books can be at the center of this space. Get creative with book ends, stuffed animals, and wood letters. Display your favorite books on top of the shelf to help them stand out. You might choose to decorate the entire room based on one book or pull ideas from a variety of children’s tales. Browse the web for book-themed wall prints to complete the space.

Baby Botanicals

Bring the soothing properties of nature into your baby’s room with a plant-themed space. You might find inspiration from a lush jungle, comforting forest, or stunning desert. For a bolder design, use a botanical wallpaper as an accent wall. Place a plant-patterned pillow on the rocking chair and include animals from your selected landscape. Of course, several potted plants are a must. Place a few low-maintenance houseplants on the dresser and shelves. Other natural materials such as wood can compliment this theme well. A neutral-colored area rug and simple blankets will pull together all of the greenery.

Your baby’s nursery is a soothing place where they can sleep, grow, and eventually play. By choosing a unique theme, you can ignite the child’s imagination and curiosity from their first days. You can also elevate your home’s overall decor by making this space match your family’s personality. As your baby and family grows, the right theme can evolve too.

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