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Keeping It Clean: Maintaining A Spotless Kitchen

Assembling the kitchen of your dreams is no easy task since there are several things you should consider, from the layout and furniture you’ll use to the appliances you buy, the splashback you install and the lighting fixtures you’ll choose. However, after setting everything together, you also want to keep your kitchen clean and tidy at all times. Yet, this can seem like an impossible task. After all, the kitchen is where you prepare and cook meals, and mess is inevitable. You’ll splash sauce, grease will somehow find its way into every corner, and you’ll start noticing that steam is damaging your cabinets.

Although all places will start looking lived-in, and it’s impossible to keep everything looking pristine forever, there are still several things you could do to help improve the general look of your kitchen and preserve the furnishings and cookware in good condition longer, all while keeping them clean and fresh.

Maintaining A Spotless Kitchen

Banish Clutter

A gradual move towards minimalism in interior design has fanned the flames of the fight against clutter. Now more than ever, homeowners want their homes to be seamless and clean, with all the extra items tucked away from view. Being surrounded by untidiness can even create stress, adding to your mental clutter as well. Some of the most common issues are feeling unsettled and perpetually out of control of your surroundings. Your general mood and your sleep and well-being can be impacted.

The best way to ensure your kitchen isn’t cluttered is to ensure your furniture can accommodate all your items. Visit to have a look at some of the cabinets you can get if you’re long overdue for a remodelling project. Having a predetermined space for every item in your kitchen also means that dust and dirt won’t be collecting on your cookware or appliances. Crowded surfaces make cleaning much more laborious since you must move everything out of the way to clean underneath.

This can also be an opportunity to go through all of your items and decide how many are worth keeping. If some of them are defective and have long lost their use, there’s no reason to hold on to them. If you discover that you tend to purchase items that are then left unused, decluttering is an opportunity to acknowledge that you must commit to different buying patterns and become a more conscious consumer.

Constant Attention

Keeping your kitchen clean means that you are always making sure not to leave a mess behind instead of concentrating all your cleaning efforts once every few weeks or months. Dirt can accumulate during that period, making the cleaning process even more troublesome overall. Stains can become difficult or even impossible to clean, causing permanent damage to the surfaces. Cleaning your stove or counter right after you’re finished cooking can sound completely unappealing, but it is useful and saves you more work in the long term.

Cleaning while you wait can provide a helpful middle ground. If you’re waiting for a pot of water to boil or for a sign to finish baking or simmering, you can start cleaning in the meantime. Clean the cooking utensils you’re not using, wipe down the counters and wash the dishes. Time will pass much faster, and you’ll see that by the time you’re done tidying up, the meal will also be ready to serve.

Wiping down kitchen table

Cleaning As You Go

If you enjoy cooking and baking, you already know it can create a big mess. When you’re a beginner, it can seem like you’re clumsier and making more mess as a result, but even after becoming more adept, you’ll see that it’s still impossible to keep things spotless while cooking. Typically, any spills you make while cooking will be neglected until you’re done since you’re in a hurry and focused on something else. However, dried-up stains are generally much more difficult to clean and need to be scrapped or soaked. This is more difficult than wiping your countertop with a damp cloth.

Several substances can cause permanent stains, even on sturdy granite countertops. Even if it seems implausible, water is one of the most common culprits. High-spillage areas, such as those around kettles or sinks, are naturally more prone to damage, and drenched sponges and clothes can cause problems. Alcohol, especially red wine, will leave very noticeable marks if not cleaned immediately. Fruit and vegetables also stain since they’re acidic and usually brightly coloured. Oil gets incredibly stubborn to clean after it dries up.

Instead of leaving things around while you cook, try putting them away as you use them. If you’re in a big rush, this can be almost impossible to do, but make sure to clean up right after you’re done.


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Organising Items

Having items strewn all over your kitchen will make it look dirty and unkempt, even if it isn’t. Many kitchen items are typically located in the cabinet under the sink. Make sure this place is well-organised so when you need to grab something from in there, you know exactly where to find it instead of being forced to go through several piles of stuff to get to it.

Strive for a sink that is always empty. The mess has a habit of attracting even more mess, so if you develop a habit of having an empty sink, you’re more likely to keep it that way. Your family members should join you to ensure that everyone in the household is dedicated to maintaining the place squeaky clean.

Making sure your kitchen is spotless at all times can seem challenging initially, but it is preferable to only cleaning once the mess gets too much to bear. Even though it might not seem like it, you’re making things easier for yourself.

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