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How to Clean Your Instant Pot

Instant Pot With Veggies

Your Instant Pot plays an undeniable role in preparing the most scrumptious meals. Since such cooking can leave it dirty or messy, all you need is some TLC to make it squeaky clean. In fact, the best thing about an Instant Pot is that it easy to keep it odorless …

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How Detailed Is Your Bathroom Cleaning

mirror basin

Cleaning the bathroom is probably not your favorite activity, even when it comes to chores. However, it still needs to be done and most experts suggest at least every few days. If you are cleaning your own bathroom, chances are that you are trying to minimize the effort and time it …

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How Often Should I Clean My Kitchen

Pretty woman cleaning kitchen counters

As the evidence of spring becomes more and more evident, a lot of people start thinking about doing a spring cleaning. However, tackling such a major cleaning operation might be a bit daunting to a person who is not used to it. An easy fix is to hire a maid …

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How to Keep Your Entire House Clean

Washing Dishes

More often than not, people sacrifice one day every week for cleaning. While no one says you have to do everything at once, you probably do it because you don’t have a concept how to balance your personal and work life during the week, so weekends are reserved for projects …

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6 Tips to Get the Family Excited About Chores

Family doing chores

Chores can be a constant struggle for a family, and it can begin to feel like a drag to consistently get everyone on the same page. It’s even worse when you feel like the only one who is motivated to accomplish the chores. Getting the family excited about helping with …

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