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Travel Hacks For A Happy Holiday Season

No one wants to be bogged down by pain or fever during their holiday travels, and now, thanks to Panado®, you don’t have to be!

Whether you’re jetting off on a family holiday, embarking on a road trip adventure, or simply making a quick visit to family and friends, Panado® has your back with a range of solutions for adults and children.

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Travel Hacks For A Happy Holiday Season

Tips For Travel With Kids

Comfortable Seating

While car seats are a must for children, they are designed primarily for safety, not comfort. If you’re traveling long distances by car, ensure that your child’s car seat is properly installed and fitted,1a and that it is appropriate for their weight, and height.1b

Ear Pressure Relief

Children often experience earaches during plane journeys due to rapid cabin pressure changes.2a To help your child during air travel, teach them to relieve ear pressure by chewing gum or sucking on a lollipop.2b

Kids travel

Manage Motion Sickness

Motion sickness happens when our senses send conflicting signals to the brain.3a For example, when we’re in a moving car, our inner ear senses motion, but our eyes see a stationary interior, which can make the brain feel confused and lead to dizziness, nausea and vomiting, especially in children younger than age six.3b  If your child gets motion sick, keep a bag handy in the car, for just in case. Talk to a doctor about remedies, consider child-sized acupressure wristbands, and encourage them to focus on objects outside the car.3c

Tips For Adults For Travel

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is the secret sauce to ensuring your travels are as pain-free as possible. Before you embark on your adventure, take some time to create a checklist of all your travel essentials. This checklist should include items like your passport, tickets, itinerary, and, of course, a basic first aid kit.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can be a silent troublemaker when it comes to discomfort while traveling. It can cause headaches, nausea and fatigue.4 To combat this, make sure to drink plenty of water while you’re on the move. Carry a reusable water bottle with you and aim to stay refreshed throughout your trip.

Stretch Your Legs

Whether you’re on a long-haul flight or a road trip across the country, taking regular breaks to stretch your legs and get your blood flowing can work wonders. Being in one position for an extended period can lead to stiffness and aches.5 Stand up, walk around, do some simple stretches – anything to keep your muscles engaged.

Panado Paediatric Range

 The Paediatric Range

We understand that traveling with babies, toddlers, and children can be an adventure all on its own.

Panado®’s paracetamol-based infant drops, paediatric syrups, and on-the-go sachets provide soothing pain and fever relief for your little ones. Parents trust6 Panado® to be gentle on little tummies but tough on pain and fever in babies and kids.7&8

Panado®’s paediatric range includes peppermint flavoured syrup in convenient 5ml sachets, Panado® Paediatric Syrup, Strawberry (50 ml | 100 ml),9 Panado® Paediatric Syrup, Peppermint Alcohol and Sugar-Free (50 ml | 100 ml),10 and Panado® Infant Drops 20 ml.11

Always administer using a medicine measure or a syringe. Do not exceed the recommended dose.  Dosage details can be found at and are calculated according to your child’s age and weight.

Panado Adult Range

The Adult Range

Panado® is conveniently available in tablet12, capsule13 or effervescent14 form to suit individual preference.

Panado® Tablets provide relief from pain and fever. For those seeking an alternative, Panado® Capsules offer a convenient option: the capsule shells are designed to be smoother and more slippery, making them easier to swallow – especially beneficial for individuals who struggle with tablet consumption. The tasteless and odourless nature of the capsules caters to those who find tablets’ taste or aftertaste bothersome.15 In cases where swallowing tablets or capsules poses a challenge, Panado®’s effervescent formulation serves as convenient solution.16

Make pain and fever care easy by shopping for Panado® products are available from Baby City, Pick n Pay, Checkers including Hypers, Shoprite, Clicks, Dis-Chem and Independent Pharmacies. For more information, visit and join the conversations on Facebook.



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