How To Make Ramen A Lot More Interesting

Ramen has caught the fancy of college students for the pricing and for the delicious filling nature of the dish. The very distinct chewy nature of Ramen and the fact that it is combined with some of the most interesting broth makes it a preferred dish. However, Ramen can be made a lot more interesting with other combinations. While some combinations may sometimes require a little more effort, some are outright simple and will not require too much of an effort. Here is a look at some of the more popular options for spicing up your Ramen.

Enrich The Broth With Chicken 

The broth needs to be made a lot more nutritious with either chicken or pork. The traditional Ramen available in restaurants include pork or chicken. The simmering of the broth gives it the appeal and you need to try and make it as close as possible to the preparation style used in restaurants. For good menus try out the options showcased in The showcased menu will give an idea of the endless possibilities that you can try out with Ramen. 

An Egg In The Ramen Can Transform The Taste

The broth in Ramen is typically distinctive and it combines with the noodles perfectly well. However, there really is nothing like putting in an egg to spice up the Ramen. It would also be a good idea to increase the flavor by adding fermented soybean paste. Famous in miso soups, the unique flavor will gel well with the broth and turn the Ramen into a dish that is new and tasty. And this combination can actually make it a lot more healthier than it s original version. 

Use Vegetables For That Full Feeling

While Ramen is famous for giving a full feeling, there is nothing wrong in making it more fuller and healthier. The dish lacks the vegetables that can give it wholesome nutritional value. The use of vegetables with a broth will not take away the charm of the dish. The best options would be to use frozen vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, or some peas. It is important to note here that the timing on inclusion of new ingredients will determine the taste of the dish. Add them a bit too early and you run the risk of ruining the dish, add them late and you will get that distinct uncooked taste.

You could also try out fresh onion in the dish to make it more crunchy and sharp in taste. However, if you do not want to have a sharp tinge in the taste, you can stick to the frozen vegetables. 

Soy Sauce Is More Like A Natural Ingredient In Ramen

When it comes to a far eastern dish, it is hard to imagine one without soy sauce. The same goes for Ramen.  A teaspoon of Soy is all that is necessary for bringing the Ramen to a different life.  The whole idea of ingredients to ramen and the broth is to complement the dish and not to make the new ingredient the dominating one. This is exactly the case with soy; it gives the perfect flavor without affecting the distinct taste of Ramen.

Some of the most famous restaurants in Thailand are famous for the dish, carving out a special name for themselves among tourists. The new and exciting recipes of restaurants that specialize in Ramen dishes offer the right crunchy noodle based flavor of Ramen. While other variations may sometimes make the dish more like a soup, the best way to have your Ramen is like a noodle dish. It needs to broil, it needs to give a crunchy feeling and it needs to be deliciously smooth.

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