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Will A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Make Your Life Easier?

When you have kids, you know that it can sometimes feel like you vacuum multiple times a day, actually I am sure kids have it programmed into their DNA to make a mess! I kid you not, I have had the vacuum out as much as four times in one day!

I was lucky enough to get to test out many of the different robot vacuum cleaners that are on the market, and over the last couple of years, I have actually been using one on a daily basis. The best robot vacuums all have features that are designed to make your life a whole lot easier.

I know that many people hear that a robot vacuum cleaner can make their life easier and are skeptical, but I am here today to show you why you need to seriously think about getting a robot vacuum cleaner, especially if you have kids and even pets that like to make a mess!

Will A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Make Your Life Easier

They Can Work Multiple Times Per Day

I have it so that now, my robot vacuum will do a sweep once a day. However, there are those really rough days where things get extra messy and I have to get my little robot friend to do a double shift. The point I am making is that no one wants to go and dig their upright vacuum out of the storage closet multiple times per day, especially when you have to keep an eye on the kids too!

With a robot vacuum, you can set it off to just clean and provide your floors with general maintenance each and every day. This will make it much easier when it is time to give your floors a real proper vacuuming with your upright vacuum.

You Can Set It To Clean When You Want

I currently have my robot vacuum set to clean at 10 AM every morning. The kids are at school and for a few hours at least, the house will be clean. It is very easy to set a robot vacuum to do this. Some come with their own little remote that you can use to set a time for it to clean, what kind of cleaning you want to give it and so on. Some models of robot vacuum even allow you to use Wi-Fi so you can download an app and use the app to set your robot vacuum cleaner on a schedule.

As Well As Parents, They Make Pet Owners Lives Easier Too

I have two kids and two dogs, so as you can guess my floors can sometimes get what feels like a carpet of fur and Fruity Pebbles on them! Well, a robot vacuum cleaner is also great if you have pets as they are designed to pick up all kinds of pet hair. You even get some robot vacuum cleaners that can even deal with long pet hair, so if you have really heavy shedders, you want to get a robot vacuum that can deal with long pet hair.

Dog lying on couch

You Can Set A Robot Vacuum To Clean A Stubborn Spot

If you have kids, nothing will surprise you when it comes to mess. Play-Doh, pizza, Pringles, crayons, paper and anything else in the house is fair game for being stepped on, dropped or rubbed into the carpet. Rather than having to spend ages cleaning it though, send your robot vacuum to deal with it. Spot Mode is something that most robot vacuums have. You can use this to deal with a really stubborn mess.

They Can Reach Awkward Spots Easier

One of the biggest pains when it comes to vacuuming is getting under the sofa, table and those other hard to reach areas. It makes vacuuming an even bigger chore than it needs to be. However, you can use your robot helper to go and get under the sofa, tables and those edges of rooms that are usually a pain to deal with. People do not realize just how much easier a robot vacuum can make their life until they have set it off to clean those spots that fill you will dread!

Robot Vacuums Tend To Be Very Low Maintenance

While some great strides have been made in the world of upright vacuums, cleaning and emptying them can still be something that we all hate to do, especially when it has picked up all kinds of yucky stuff that the kids have gotten all over the floor.

Robot vacuums are usually (all the ones I have encountered) made with much higher quality components that are more robust and require next to no looking after from you. Even emptying a robot vacuum cleaner when it is full is easy; you literally lift it over your garbage can and let it all out.

A Robot Vacuum Is Very Smart

While it may not be quite smart enough to work out your taxes, robot vacuums are actually quite smart when it comes to the computer powering them. For example, a robot vacuum will be able to tell when there is something in the way (you can make its life easier by moving awkward things if you want), it can tell if it is up high and in danger of falling, and it even knows when it is time to trek on back to the charging dock to recharge itself.

Once you have set a robot vacuum cleaner on its cleaning mission, it really requires very little interference from you.

A Robot Vacuum Can Clean While You Look After the Kids

As a parent who has two kids who are both in elementary school, I cannot tell you how much I wish that I had a robot vacuum cleaner a few years earlier! I say this because I could put the kids to bed, while the robot vacuum cleaned; I could make dinner, while the robot vacuum cleaned. I could look after the kids and not have to worry about when I was going to have time to vacuum the house.

Even now that my kids are a bit older, I do the grocery shopping while they are at school, but I have the robot vacuum doing its thing while I am out, so that is one less job I have to do when I get back.

Without a doubt, a robot vacuum cleaner is going to make your life much easier. I am not saying that you will never have to break out the upright vacuum again, but a robot vacuum takes care of business so good that the times you do have to do a regular vacuum of the floors, it is much quicker and easier than it was before you had a little robot buddy helping you out.

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Sammy is a proud parent who loves nothing more than spending time with his family and teaching them the ways of the world. He loves writing about any topic related to home life.  He currently runs the blog at Home Clean Expert.


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  1. Without a doubt, a robot vacuum cleaner is going to make my life much easier. I am a working mother of twins who I love with all of my heart. We have a cat and her hair is all over the house that I have to vacuum 3 times a day. My boys is eating by themselves now and there is more food on the floor than in their plates. I love spending time with my family and with the robot vacuum I will have more quality time with my loved ones.

  2. Oh my gosh, say no more, this is definitely going to be added on my Christmas wish list.

    I have pets at home, there is fur that is around daily. Even after constantly grooming morning and night, my female dog that lives indoors is a Pekingese and they are famous for their fur shedding. I groom her religiously but this isn’t enough. A vacuum like this will be so perfect, just to switch on and carry on with everything will save so much of time.
    For all those that work, will be able to share my grief, it is completely impossible to vacuum your house in the morning and at night on a working day.
    I just sweep through as I have no choice and no time to vacuum daily.

    The person who came up with this idea is no less than a genius. 😊

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