The Health Benefits Of Gaming

You want to be a success, and to be extraordinary at whatever you do. This is obvious, but this may entail sacrifices, meaning that you may feel you have to give up some of the things that you do for a hobby, whether that is watching TV with a few beers, playing golf, getting together with friends, or playing video games. Right? Wrong, according to newly available scientific data.

Gaming can actually have an incredibly positive effect on some parts of your health, particularly your brain health. For example, gaming can strengthen the parts of your brain that are responsible for spatial awareness. Likewise, your memory can be improved by gaming, according to empirical evidence.

What is more, gaming can help you with your long-term planning skills. Finally, gaming can, unbelievable enough, actually increases you brain matter. A German study involved participants playing Super Mario 64, and then getting their brain tested to see what effects it had. It turned out that it increased the size of a number of brain areas.

Gaming can also possibly improve the general health of society. One of the most promising applications of using gaming in public health is directly related to the demographic changes experienced in most societies today.

In modern society, as people are living longer, it is amazing that research has shown that gaming can prevent and reduce the cognitive decline that accompanies ageing. As well as improving in general brain function in elderly, who perhaps no longer have work to keep them sharp, gaming also helped, in studies conducted, to increase self-esteem and improve quality of life. This could revolutionize the way in which professionals treat the elderly, and shift practice in social care.

All of these things, far from being a barrier to achieving your goals, may actually facilitate their achievement. If your cognitive power increases, so will your ability to cope with the demands of the standards you set for yourself, and with the pressures that come with responsibility and success. It can also have amazing public health benefits.

What is more, gaming is fun. It can help you wind down after a tough week, will bring you together with your friends, and will provide you with a sense of stress relief. As well as this, gaming can actually improve your brain-power, and can so set you on the road to achieving all that you want to in life. Just remember to invite your grandparents!

If you want  more info on the health benefits of gaming, see the infographic below produced by those at Computer Planet.

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  1. Betsie Labuschagne

    Glad to read this. I have been a gamer from teenage time and still enjoy it when I have the time.

  2. The one thing I love about gaming is that it helps you escape reality for a while and helps to unwind. I did not know about it increasing memory, very interesting.

  3. This really implies that we all need to think outside the box.
    Growing up we weren’t exposed to such a vast range of technology, we have gifted my son a PS4 a year back, I purchased three different educational games and one dancing game for him.

    There were two free games that came with the console and by mistake one day my little one stumbled upon it, it was a racing game and a mortal kombat game.
    Mortal Kombat has become his favourite game and there is so much of gore and gruesome acts of fighting that makes me sick in the stomach, but he is fine about it and plays with it perfectly fine.
    I was afraid at first that he may experience nightmares due to be exposed to such graphic content, but this did not happen.
    I try to persuade him to play other games, but the educational games are called boring in my house, my little one detests it.

    The only family game we play is on the XBOX as that is the only games I can play, I am so useless when comes to using the handheld remotes. It normally is a game of racing that we will play but not very often enough.

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