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8 Ways To Raise Avid Readers

If you want to raise avid readers in your home this post is for you. Plenty of research suggests kids who learn to read books from a young age can enhance their cognitive and verbal abilities. Reading offers an essential relaxing activity for children. It is an excellent way to boost their imagination, but it also teaches them about people and objects that will become part of their world as they grow up. Fluent reading is a valuable skill, teaching kids to be self-directed learners once they start school.  Here are eight ways to cultivate a love for reading in your children.

8 Ways To Raise Avid Readers

Select Quality Books

Not all books are the same, and quality books have certain features in common. They generally promote positive values and qualities, which you can discuss with your child while reading. When selecting a book for a youngster, it’s best to look for those with short stories and basic language. Little ones do not have the patience to read through long and complex storylines. Short and simple books help them connect with the characters and story and enjoy it.

Choose Books That Align With Their Interests

Child-led learning is an exceptionally efficient way to teach your children specific skills. It’s important to observe and identify areas that align with their personal interest and choose books accordingly. For instance, if your child loves ocean life, choose a book with stories involving sharks or other ocean characters. It is easier to pique their interest in a book when it’s something they can connect with and find alluring.

Reading routine

Include Reading In Your Daily Routine

The best way to help your children become avid and fluent readers is by cultivating positive reading habits from the beginning. An excellent way to do so is by incorporating this activity into their daily routine, for instance, reading with them before bedtime. Not only will they be less resistant to reading in future, but it’s a great parent-child bonding experience.

Read Aloud To a Jittery Child

Research haas revealed that when you start reading to your child from a young age, it helps them with memory and vocabulary. It’s not always easy to get your child to sit still and listen to the story, and it is a common issue that many parents face. Instead of forcing them to sit still, rather try to read to them aloud while they’re playing in a shared space. It exposes your child to language and vocabulary, and it can be a fun experience for you and him.

Choose Books That Are Age-Appropriate

It is essential to be aware of your child’s comprehension milestones and take a reasonable approach when you encourage reading. Choose age-appropriate books. For instance, when they’re still very young, choose picture books with a few challenging words.

Take Out Library Books Regularly

It is vital to give your child access to a variety of books without breaking the bank. Regular visits to the library can do just that. At the library, he will have access to a vast range of books about multiple topics, and you are bound to find something that will interest him.

Child reading at library

Be Vigilant About Signs of Learning Needs

Sometimes, despite our most exemplary efforts, your child might have difficulty with reading. It might be a sign of a learning need that must be tackled. With early intervention and support, children can overcome learning disabilities.

Don’t Forget Praise And Encouragement

Never try to compare your child’s reading level with his peers. Not all children are the same, and it’s essential to be patient with your child when he’s starting his reading journey. Focus on the effort he is making and regularly give praise for his endurance and hard work. It will positively impact him in the long run.


We hope you have found these eight ways to raise avid readers helpful. Teaching your children to read can be a memorable and valuable milestone in your parenting journey. Remember, with a conductive setting and positive attitude, you can encourage a love for reading in your children and strengthen your bond with them.

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  1. Awesome competition. I would love to win this for my children i help after school that still struggle to read

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      Oooh this is such an awesome competition, would really love to win the books for my baby, his turning 3 in august, and he already loves looking at pictures, and pointing to the words as I read for him….

    • Hibbert Stephanie

      This is so cool. Would love this for my kids. They love to read.

  2. Love your page. You always share amazing infomation and allow us parents to also share our own experiences. Your page is informative and fun. Love your competitions as well as there is something for everyone.

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    Tippie is the best! My kids love it!

  4. Great read. Always a plus when your kids enjoy reading. Will definitely implement some of these tips.

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  6. Tracey-Leigh Smith

    My 6 year old starts Gr 1 next year and she would love this prize.

    • Het ingeskryf vir die Tippie kompetiesie sal graag so iets wil wen, om vir my kinders voor te lees. Baie nice

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  9. I like how kaboutjie is all about kids and for their learning

    • Tippie books are amazing. My daughter loves reading them. It has really helped her in her Afrikaans. Reading is so important. Amazing how quick grade 1s learn to read!

  10. Martha Setsiba

    As a book kid’s book club founder and mom I hope to win this nice informative giveaway ??

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    Reading is so important and not something we all do enough of.
    The benefits of reading are endless.

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    Childrens books are so important!

  17. Kayleigh Meyer

    Wow what an amazing giveaway. The gift of reading. When you can read. Anything is possible. My daughter has had a rough road to learn to read. It hasn’t been easy. But when she sees her hard work has paid off. That pride in her eyes is everything. Thank you for this opportunity. Best of luck to all the young readers out there ???

  18. Tippie competition. Hope this is the correct form….I see no other form ?
    Thanx Tippie and Kaboutjie!!

  19. Thank you so much for tgis exciting competition! We love to read and my son just started Gr1! He has become a real book worm now that he can read stories to the rest of the family.

  20. I have a daughter that struggles with reading but the one Tippie book I borrowed from a friend and she is starting to love reading. Even though she still struggles, its not tears because she loves Tippie. She is so proud of herself!

    • Dit sal great wees om hierdie prys te wen.my oudste is in Gr 2 en begin nou Engels te lees en dit sal hom so baie help.


  21. Since I’ve switched phones,I can’t seem to find the links to any of the competitions and this is by far the one I would most like to enter for my grandbabies?

  22. After 15 years in teaching learners to read, this programme is best!

  23. Tshegofatso Washington

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    My grandkids will absolutely love this!
    They are crazy bookworms and love to read.
    It also great to see them engage and talk about the book after
    We’ve read them. They obviously do have their favourites which has to be repeated everyday.

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    My seun is volgende jaar Gr1, tippie sal hom so baie help

  34. Mary-Ann Strecker

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  36. Luichyn Swarts

    Loved reading this article something’s in parenting can be daunting especially reading and teaching your child to read and actually enjoy reading and become an avid reader. This article definitely given me the boost I need to feel confident when reading to my son.

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    I have to agree. Finding books that are within their interest makes it easier for them to pick up the book. I have started taking my son to the library, picking books that he finds intrest in as well as finding a book or two like the Tippy ones that teaches him to read. I would read the sentence out loud, placing my finger on the word. He then does the same after me. This has helped him to recognise letters and words.

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    Holding thumbs!!

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