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Reasons To Develop The Reading Habit In Your Child

Kids reading

For some people, reading might be just a hobby, but it has a bigger value to offer than that. You must be aware of the fact that knowledge fuels the readers’ vision and imagination by keeping their minds active and more creative. But it depends on the genre of books …

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9 Benefits of Story Time

Story time at school

Reading and the telling of stories to your children is not only great fun for your children and an amazing opportunity to bond with your children, it also comes with great benefits for your children and offers a wonderful way for your children to learn. Remember that children learn best …

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Baby Books Fоr Fun аnd a Great Bonding Experience


A baby book is a great wау tо spend tіmе wіth уоur baby. Thеу allow уоu tо hаvе intimate оnе оn оnе tіmе аѕ wеll аѕ contributing tо thе language development оf уоur baby. Thе reading оf a bed tіmе story саn bе аn excellent раrt оf a bedtime routine …

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6 Children Books That Teach Respect

Father reading book to his toddler girl

It is never too early to start reading. Reading books aloud to children from a young age exposes them to a wide range of words, it helps them to build vocabulary and stimulates their imagination plus improving their understanding of the world. It is a great way of teaching them …

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6 Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas For Moms That Love Reading

Mature woman reading

Mothers day is just around the corner and I’ve been searching for some lovely Mother Day gift ideas for my mom. We are a bookworm family so my mother loves reading and I’ve come across some stunning gift ideas for moms that love reading and thought I would share them …

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The Secret To Get Your Baby Reading

Mother and Daughter reading

Have you ever seen those infomercials from My Baby Can Read? Where there’s 3 year olds reading novels and little babis reading words off of flashcards? Don’t be fooled. I’m one of the parents that dished out the $200 plus dollars to buy it. I’ve also bought about a thousand …

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10 Fun Ways to Bond with Your Child

10 Fun ways to bond with your child

Being a parent involves a lot of things, such as teaching your child manners and responsibility. It is also essential to have fun with your child and meet his or her emotional needs. Your child needs a lot of attention and when you meet these needs you have a much …

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