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14 Insightful Teen Parenting Books You Must Read

Woman reading parenting book

The tween and teenage years are a unique phase of development where young minds undergo significant changes emotionally, physically, and socially. As a parent, navigating this transitional period can be both rewarding and challenging. Fortunately, several insightful books offer guidance and support, helping parents understand and effectively parent their tweens. …

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8 Ways To Raise Avid Readers

Avid Readers

If you want to raise avid readers in your home this post is for you. Plenty of research suggests kids who learn to read books from a young age can enhance their cognitive and verbal abilities. Reading offers an essential relaxing activity for children. It is an excellent way to …

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REMY – A Book About Believing In Yourself Review

Daughter reading REMY

I’m a huge fan of books that teach my children important lessons and I am also a big advocate of the important of mental health, for adults as well as for children. So when Mayuri Naidoo contacted me to review her book REMY – A Book About Believing In Yourself …

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Remy – A Book About Believing In Yourself

Girl with glasses reading book

Remy is an eleven-year-old, intelligent, but unhappy boy who lives in a beautiful coastal South African town. Self-conscious about his appearance, he is quite shorter than other children his age and has very small eyes, Remy lacks self-confidence and struggles with insecurities and anger issues.  Remy is often mocked by …

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Giving That Goes The Distance To Support Literacy!

The Read shop

If you’re keen to put some meaning back into giving gifts this festive season, consider purchasing from the READ Online Shop! The READ Online Shop is an initiative by READ Educational Trust, a South African NGO promoting literacy in schools for over 40 years. A literate society will surely change …

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Former Addict Recounts Journey to Find Strength, Spirituality and Self-Love in New Memoir

Isla Stone

In her debut memoir, “The Art of Determination,” Isla Stone discloses personal, profound journal entries that chronicle her experiences with rehabilitation, empowerment and remarkable spiritual growth. In her youth, Stone was sexually assaulted by a family member and endured abuse from her stepfather, which created a shaken and battered tone …

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12 Children’s Books That Discuss Substance Abuse

Preteen reading book

Substance abuse and addiction can be such a difficult topic to discuss with kids, especially when they are facing confusing and hurtful circumstances related to a parent’s or sibling’s addiction. “As an addiction treatment professional, a person in recovery, and a father, I know from personal experience how important it …

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5 Children Books That Teach Empathy

2 Kids reading

Empathy is the ability to experience and have an understanding of the feelings of others and responding in useful ways. For some children it is easier to develop empathy more inherently than others, but this is a crucial life skill that needs to be taught to all children. Children with …

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3 Children Books About Death

Child Reading Books

When you’ve lost a loved one or a beloved family pet, children cope with the loss in different ways, depending on how close they were to the person or animal that passed away, their age and the support they receive at the time. Here are some tips for helping your …

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5 Children Books That Teach Kindness

Beautiful girl reading book

Why is it important to teach a child the importance of being kind from a young age? There are four main benefits associated with children that practice kindness. It’s never too early to start teaching your children vital principles and life lessons that can carry them throughout the different development …

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8 Children Books That Teach Gratitude

Girl reading book pigtail buns in hair

From a young age my parents taught me how to practice gratitude. In these modern times I often see children that are not always appreciative toward their parents or peers and often demonstrate a lack of this valuable attribute. Why is it so important to practice gratitude? Teaching gratitude goes …

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