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Pregnancy – An Alluring Journey Towards Motherhood

The complete stage of pregnancy is divided into three trimesters, namely the first, second and the third trimester. It is interesting to find out how the fetus grows every week and what changes you experience in yourself.

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A pregnancy week by week guide takes you through what happens in various stages of this beautiful journey.

Pregnancy - An Alluring Journey Towards Motherhood

Week 2 – You ovulate and if the egg meets the sperm you conceive. There are a number of pregnancy symptoms that starts to occur in the first few weeks.

Week 3- The baby is a tiny ball made up of hundreds of cells that are multiplying at a very fast rate

Week 4- Your primitive placenta has started to develop and your baby is in the embryo made up of two layers placed deep in the uterus

Week 5- The embryo has started to grow and you may feel tired and experience sore breasts

Week 6 – Now your baby’s ears, nose and mouth are taking shape and you feel some morning sickness and spotting

Week 7 – Your uterus has almost doubled in size and your baby is forming its hands and feet. It is still an embryo with a small tail.

Week 8 – Your baby starts to move though you may not be able to feel it.

Week 9 – Your waist starts to thicken and the baby has grown almost an inch looking more like a human now

Week 10 – The baby’s organs and structures are now ready to grow.

Week 11 – Tiny tooth buds appear underneath the baby’s gums and its hands soon start opening and closing into fists

Week 12 – The baby’s toes can now curl, its brain is growing and its kidneys have started to excrete urine.

Week 13 – The baby is almost 3 inches tall and has developed its fingerprints. This is the end of the first trimester.

Week 14 – Your baby’s features have started taking expressions.

Week 15 – The baby is able to see light and is forming its taste buds. You may experience stuffy nose

Week 16 – The baby is in a growth spurt and will be doubling its weight and increasing in length in the next few weeks

Week 17 – The baby’s skeleton is changing into bone and the umbilical cord is becoming stronger and thicker

Week 18 – The baby’s genitals are developing and can be seen in an ultrasound. You start to feel hungry often.

Week 19 – Your baby is able to hear you.

Week 20 – Your baby starts to swallow and produces meconium

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Week 21 – Baby has developed eyebrows and you feel the little flutters in your tummy

Week 22 -Your baby now looks like a newborn but very small in size and you experience a growing belly.

Week 23– The baby starts feeling motion and you feel some swelling in your hands and feet

Week 24 -Your uterus has grown and the baby looks long and lean now.

Week 25– The baby starts adding fat and its hair starts to grow

Week 26 -The baby starts to inhale and exhale some amounts of the amniotic fluid

Week 27 – The eye starts to open and close and the baby even starts to suck its fingers. If you feel some tickling it is because of the baby hiccups. This is the end of the second trimester.

Week 28 – The baby’s eyes can see light that filters through the womb.

Week 29 – Its muscles and lungs have started to mature and the head is growing to make room for the developing brain.

Week 30 – The baby weighs around 3 pounds and you may experience mood swings and feel clumsy

Week 31 – You start to feel Braxton hick’s contraction and the baby kicks are getting stronger

Week 32 – The baby is plumping and you feel heartburns and shortness of breath as your uterus starts to expand

Week 33 – The baby is now over 4 pounds in weight.

Week 34 – Its linings and central nervous system is maturing and you start to feel fatigue

Week 35 – You start to feel a lot of baby movements

Week 36 -The baby starts to gain almost an ounce each day

Week 37 -Its brains and lungs continue to mature and you feel some contractions and vaginal discharge

Week 38 -The baby now has a firm grasp

Week 39 – The baby is now full term and you have to wait for your water to break

Week 40 – The baby is now the size of a pumpkin

Week 41– This is the final week. You either go into labor or are induced.

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Each trimester comes with its own specific hormonal and physiological changes. The baby will be affecting your body which will help you prepare better for these changes. It’s also helpful to be aware of the specific risk factors (and associated medical tests) for each of the three trimesters.

A women is often unaware that she is pregnant in the first trimester unless she pays due attention to early pregnancy symptoms including morning sickness, food carvings, change in breast size or acne. It’s best to visit a gynaecologist in order to make sure you are pregnant and so that the scans can be done on regular intervals. During the first trimester, your hormone levels change significantly. It’s not only does the mother who goes through multiple changes during the 1st trimester, but the baby does as well. Every women consults doctors and use different medicine. One of my female friend suggested Pregnacare plus good during pregnancy.

Walking slowly is the best thing you could do for you and your baby. Choose healthy, nutrient-dense foods, and talk to your doctor about weight gain on each visit. By the 20th week, the baby movements can be felt. The baby starts hearing and recognizing the voices. Your gynaecologist will recommend for an autonomy scan and check for gestational diabetes during this phase to assess the baby’s growth and to ensure that his or her organs are developing correctly.

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