Early Signs of Pregnancy

16 Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

If you are trying to fall pregnant you are most likely on the lookout for any early symptom of pregnancy. Waiting until your period is missed or until you can take a pregnancy test might feel like forever.

If you think you are pregnant check out these early symptoms of pregnancy:

  1. Missed Period
  2. Fatigue
  3. Tender Breasts
  4. Frequent Urination
  5. Mood Swings
  6. Changes in Food Tastes (Cravings & Aversions)
  7. Cramping
  8. Implantation Bleeding
  9. Shortness of Breath
  10. Headaches
  11. Backaches
  12. Constipation/ Bloating
  13. Elevated Basal body Temperature
  14. Super Smell
  15. Dizziness or Fainting
  16. Metallic taste in mouth

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What was your first pregnancy symptom?

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  1. Exactly a year ago on my wedding anniversary (which is today :-)) landed up in ER with extremely bad vomiting. ( I didn’t know I was pregnant) The doctors never picked it up. So I took a home pregnancy test and the rest is history. 😉

  2. I missed my period
    have cramps
    Super smell
    Tender Breast
    Mood swings
    Frequent urination
    short breaths
    Above all I think gearing up to be a mummy is awesome because these are new things that you notice and sometime I just find it funny how I crave for peanut butter
    is it healthy though?

  3. Tired and moody, sore boobs and then missed period!

  4. Shame Nadia! That sounds horrible.

    I had fatigue, nauseas (but no vomitting thankfully), sore boobs.

  5. Back pain
    Sore breasts
    Missed period
    Oooo yes super smell… i could smell a cigarette a mile away!!!

    Never had implantation bleeding

  6. Reading all the early symptoms i had one missed period LOL thats was about it a week before i done a test i ate 2 big packets of tomatoes with salt and vinegar spice that was it i had so much of a easy pregnancy no morning sickness and pain or health issues just later stage of pregnancy some lower back pain and being uncomfortable thats about it oh and sqaush i loved so much could not eat that.

  7. Frequently urinate and horrible flu and I was so in hurry to get pregnant that I didn’t even wait to miss my period I keep on doing home test

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