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5 Nursery Decorating Tips All New Parents Need To Know

Becoming a parent is one of the most amazing experiences in your life. The joys a baby brings with it are endless. Although you are going to have sleepless nights for an indefinite period, you will still enjoy every moment and fall in love with your baby again and again.

As soon as you get happy news, there are numerous thoughts going in your mind. You need to take hundreds of decisions regarding the upbringing of your child. But first of all, you need to do all the necessary shopping and set up the nursery.

Decorating your baby’s nursery is extremely fun and should be done in the right way. From the crib to its bedding to the toys, you need to make some serious decisions. While some of the decisions can be easy to make, others can be quite daunting and will leave you confused.

For all the new parents who are expecting for the first time, we have penned down some decorating tips for your baby nursery. As long as you follow these tips, you will be fine!

5 Nursery Decorating Tips All New parents Need To Know

Choose the Crib Wisely

The first thing most of the people buy is the crib. It should be your investment piece because your baby will be sleeping in it for the next few years. If the crib is strong and sturdy, you can reuse it for other children as well.

A crib should be safe, so even if your baby is playing in it alone, there are no risks involved. Install a toddler rail for when your baby starts to climb out of the crib at an early age, it is still safe. Some cribs can be transformed into full-sized beds as well. If you buy a crib like that, your child will be able to sleep in it for more than just a couple years.

The crib bedding provides you with the chance to settle down on a theme and bring your own style. The bedding should also be comfortable for your baby. Look for bedding made of 100% cotton as baby’s skin is extra sensitive, and other materials can cause rashes or allergies.

Buy five to six extra sheets because, with a newborn baby, you will be doing laundry all the time. Sometimes you will need to change the sheet twice a day, and extra sheets will come in handy.

Rugs and Curtains Should Be Practical

If you want your nursery to look great, everything that you choose to put in it should have a meaning. Not only that, it should go with the theme and color scheme. Do not fill the nursery with unnecessary items as that will make space look cluttered.

The floor and walls are the areas that have lots of potential. Starting with the floor, choose a cozy rug that adds to the personality of the space. For wood flooring, get a plush wool rug. When your baby learns to sit and crawl, it will provide enough cushioning for him. However, whatever kind of rug you choose, it should be easy to wash/clean.

When it comes to the walls of a room, you add personality to them through the curtains. You have to bear in mind that the curtains should be able to block daylight so your baby can sleep peacefully during the day.

Buy a Multi-Purpose Changing Table

A changing table is a must because that is where you will change your baby. Otherwise, it can become challenging and inconvenient. But what kind of changing table should you get?

It will be wise to utilize the space that your changing table is going to take. For example, instead of considering simple changing tables, look for something that can be repurposed into toy storage or a bookcase.

A good option is to get a drawer dresser. You can add a changing pad on top of it, and it will serve the same purpose. Except in this way, you will be able to use the dresser even when your child is older. Choose a dresser with a comfortable height, or you are going to have some severe back pains by the end of the week. Paint the table according to the nursery’s theme so it can blend in.

Get a Comfortable Couch/Chair

The nursery is not just going to have a crib and a dresser/changing table. There are other necessary pieces that you will need to add, such as a nursing chair. The nursery is not just about your baby, but about you/the babysitter as well.

While your baby plays in the crib, you will need a place to sit and monitor. Most importantly, you will need a place where you can nurse your baby. A comfortable chair or a couch with an ottoman will fit your needs.

A rocking chair will also do the trick since it will make it easier for you to put your child to sleep. You need a space where you can sit comfortably for hours and not feel any body-aches (since new moms can be vulnerable to such pains).

getting baby room ready

Add Lots of Storage Space

When you are decorating a kid’s space, one thing should be certain; there should be a lot of storage space. Once your baby arrives, you will realize how much messy it can get in a short time. Sometimes, moms do not even have the time to clean the room for days. At that point, it is easier to stack the items in their designated places instead of piling them up on the floor or the chair.

Open bin storage is a great place to keep the blankets and gear. As your baby gets old, you can use these bins as toy boxes. A few large floor bins will save your life when any unexpected guests arrive, and you only have time for a quick cleanup. Smaller bins are easy to hide, and you can tuck them away under the crib.

Decorating a nursery is all about being practical without sacrificing your style! Happy Decorating!

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  1. Hello, I enjoyed reading your article. Lots of great ideas! When I had my babies, I didn’t have much for a nursery. Nowadays there are all kinds of things to put in your nursery.

    You really made a great list of things needed to prepare for baby. With my last baby (he just turned 26) I had a rocking chair to nurse him in. It was awesome. It was wicker and really pretty.

    I also had a bassinet. Which was mine when I was born and each one of my babies slept in it and numerous cousins had it for their baby and Mom still has it!

    Some of the items you mentioned can be saved and passed down from one generation to the next!

    Great article! I enjoyed reading it and look forward to more to come!


    • Lynne Huysamen

      A rocking chair for breastfeeding is always amazing. I never had one but my parents have rocking chairs, which used to belong to my granny so when I went there I would always choose one of the rocking chairs for feeding. It was so relaxing.

  2. This is a great post ! I don’t have children, but all these things seem like they are an absolute must. Storage always seems like such a important thing to have. The one thing I do know about babies, is that they take up a lot of space, or should I say their stuff takes up a lot of space. Great job and I loved your tip about a cozy rug in the room.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Hi Coralie – yes they do take up a lot of stuff. I remember traveling when my kids were babies and the amount of things I had to take with me was insane! And yes I totally agree, a rug really makes all the difference to a baby room to make it cozy and snug!

  3. Cheron Hercules

    Love the ideas

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