Natural Birth Story

Lucille’s Natural Birth Story – Baby Boy Joaquin

At my 36 week checkup my Dr told me he was going away and another Dr at the hospital would take over his role for the next 2 weeks. he would definitely be back in time for my little one’s birth. So the following week I go meet the other Dr and I was not happy with her at all, she did an internal which apparently wasn’t necessary and hurt me in the process.

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Then she told me I might go into labour the weekend, needless to say I was in a state thinking that this woman might be delivering my baby so I spoke very nicely to my little (ok, not so little) bean and asked him to please stay put until my doctor was back, thankfully he did so.

On 21 July I went to my doctor for a checkup, he was concerned that Joaquin was growing at a very fast pace and hadn’t engaged yet. He said that I would not be able to deliver naturally if I carry full term, so we decided to schedule a c-section for the following Monday – 28 July.

I was a little upset because I would have really like to at least try natural, so I went to Canal Walk and did some shopping (nothing makes you feel better than retail therapy), and I also wanted to make sure that we had all the necessary goodies at home, just in case I wasn’t mobile after my c-section.

I got home around 3ish and just relaxed. Then around 4 I went to the bathroom and there was a clear jelly like mucous, I didn’t think much of it because it wasn’t pink at all and then I’d also read that the mucous plug can expel around 2 weeks before you actually give birth. I carried on as normal and that night around 12 I woke up with slight cramps, almost like period pains, so I went to the bathroom and there was more mucous, I thought I’d get back into bed and if it’s still there when DH gets up to go to work then I’ll call the hospital. So I laid in bed, I couldn’t go sleep again, I concentrated (just to make sure I wasn’t imagining things) on the cramps and then around 1 went to the bathroom again and there was a pinkish tinge in mucous so I told hubby that I think I should call the hospital. We called and they said we should come in, just to check if it was contractions or braxton hicks. So I packed the rest of my toiletries in my bag and took our bags with.

Got to the hospital around 1:30 and they checked and I was having contractions, I was only 1cm dilated, so she called the dr and he said we can try for natural if we like – YAY!!! So I walked around quite a bit, up and down 4 flights of stairs was quite tiring. Around 2:30 we called our parents to let them know where we were and we’d keep them posted. By 6 my contractions were quite hectic already and I was only 3cm’s dilated so ….epidural, here we come!

Well the rest of the day pretty much was a waiting game, around 9 the doctor came to check on me, and I was still only 3 cm’s dilated, he broke my water then and they put something in my drip to bring on the labour faster! Well around 3 they said I was about 6cm’s dilated and things were on track for natural, up until that time we actually still weren’t sure if I would be able to have natural. Then at 5 they checked again, I was 9 cm’s and baby had FINALLY engaged and then they told me the dr quickly had to go to Milnerton Medi Clinic to perform an emergency caesar! LOL, so I had to wait for him to come back.

While all this was happening our cellphones were going nuts asking for updates and as the day went on the more family members pitched up in anticipation for the birth of our precious baby boy.

So just before dr gets back we start “practice” pushing, the dr got back just before 6 and then it really started, the epidural had worked out so I was feeling all the contractions and PUUUUUUUUUSHED like hell when they came, but our Mr was a bit too big so after a load of pushes the dr had to use vacuum too and then at 18:07 the most precious little being I’ve ever seen in my life was born, he was all purple and swollen but he was beautiful and healthy! I couldn’t wait to hold him, it was the most amazing, surreal moment I’ve ever experienced! The nurse put him on my chest and I just couldn’t believe I was finally seeing my baby boy, he was everything and more I’d hoped for! The look on my hubby’s face was complete awe!

Just after 7 we were wheeled into the maternity ward and greeted by all the family waiting in anticipation to meet our little man, it was really great!

After all the fuss and everyone except my parents had left, hubby went to have a quick shower at home and they took babs to bath him, my pain killers started wearing off, I was in such pain and they just couldn’t get my painkillers fast enough! Eventually even after having more painkillers, the only thing that seemed to help was sitting in a salt bath, so I did that a few times that night, and the next day I felt like a superstar. Luckily our little man took to the breast easily and was such an easy baby from the start.

We had our checks on the Thursday morning and got the all clear to go home, so it was a pretty quick hospital stay!

Lucille De Oliveira

What was your baby’s birth like?

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  1. It great that you did natural, its a quiker recovery. I gave birth the Thursday, drove myself, then I got released that Saturday morning, so I drove us home

  2. I still believe that if you have no complications Natural Birth is the best. The Dr also had to break my water with my first son. I blacked out for a few hours, cant remember anything. My hubby told me later on that I shouted at the Sister ” I want DRUGS!” Lol still cant remember saying it. When it came time to push I was more than happy to do so!! My guy was also big so on exiting the building he tore through the last floor. I didnt even relise until the Sister said she is going to sew me up. Didnt feel a thing, the second my lb “left the building” the pain was gone. All I felt was joy,love,amazement and very tired ofcourse. Was able to go home the next afternoon. Only had to spend the one night in the hospital which was great.

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