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Everything There Is To Know About Braxton Hicks

Beautiful pregnancy

If you are pregnant you may have heard about Braxton Hicks, which are contractions that you may feel during pregnancy but are not real labour contractions. Unlike true labour contractions, they are infrequent, less intense, and generally go away when you change position. Braxton Hicks happens when your body is …

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7 Things Dad Can Do To Help During Labour

Dad supporting mom giving birth

Most dads have no idea what giving birth is like, except for what they have seen on the internet, movies, or television shows. In some cases, labour happens quickly, however, in most instances it does not, particularly if your partner is having her first baby. So, what are the things …

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5 Indications: Identifying The Onset Of Labour

First-time Moms may find the idea of not knowing what to expect quite daunting. some women may experience definite signs of labour while others may not. •When the baby drops, you’ll feel pressure on your bladder and increased pressure on your pelvis and you’ll feel like you want to urinate …

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How to Use Acupressure Points to Induce Labor

9 Months pregnant

Pregnancy is the most special phase of life for both parents. It is full of anticipation and lots of blossoming dreams. However, things can get stressful every now and then especially when mother-to-be have passed their estimated due date and there is still no sign of labor. For doctors, premature …

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Six Natural Ways To Induce Labour

Heavily pregnant woman in blue top

Many believe that when a baby is ready to come, they will arrive on their own terms. While this is true, if you are a week overdue, you can be very uncomfortable! Not to mention the fact that you are ready to meet the baby you have carried inside you for …

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11 Natural Ways To Cope With Pain During Labour

Coping with Labour

If you are worried about how to cope with pain during labour check out these tips. Knowing what to expect during the various stages of labour can help reduce anxiety about labour and birth. Antenatal classes are strongly recommended. Being in good physical condition is important. Exercise gently and regularly …

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