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The 3 Stages of Labour

Stages of Labour

It is always best to go into labour knowing exactly what to expect when, here are the basics of what to expect during the 3 Stages of Labour. Stage 1: Early Labour This stage begins when the cervix begins to soften and open up, this stage is complete when the …

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9 Natural Ways to Bring on Labour

Natural Ways to Bring on Labour

If you are tired of being pregnant check out these natural ways to bring on labour! 1 Sex Semen contains prostaglandins which can soften the cervix. Sex also produces the hormone Oxytocin which is the labour hormone! 2 Nipple Stimulation When your nipples are stimulated, your body produces Oxytocin – …

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3 Early Signs of Labour

Early Signs of Labour

If you think you’re in labour but not sure, check these early signs of labour: Water breaking A brown or pink mucus discharge known as bloody show which is the mucus plug that blocks the cervix Painful contractions that are regular and intervals are becoming increasingly shorter while contractions become …

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11 Ways to Cope with Pain During Labour

Coping with Labour

If you are worried about how to cope with pain during labour check out these tips. Knowing what to expect during the various stages of labour can help reduce anxiety. Antenatal classes are strongly recommended. Being in good physical condition is important. Exercise gently and regularly throughout your pregnancy, avoid …

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Naomi’s Birth Story – Natural 4th Vbac

Vbac Vaginal birth after csection

Worried about a natural vbac (Vaginal Birth After C-section) and not sure if it is possible? Here is the story of Naomi’s 4th vbac! Thomas was my 5th pregnancy. Besides the horrible morning sickness which I get every time, this was my easiest pregnancy. No swelling, far less weight gain …

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Lezaan – My birth stories

My birth stories

When I met my husband 11 years ago we both agreed that having kids was a big thing and a decision that we should both be happy with. So after 7 years of marriage we finally both agreed that the time was right. It took us about six months to …

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Birth Story – Sandra

Birth Story Sandra

My birth plan was fairly simple. There was a midwife led birth unit attached to our local hospital. Once my contractions started, I intended to turn up. If I was lucky, one of the rooms with a bath would be available and I’d have a water birth. I considered having …

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