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A few months ago my daughter kept saying the word lollos and I had no idea what it meant. Chatting to another mom I found out that Lollos is an Afrikaans set of characters that the toddlers and young kids go crazy for. When I heard that Lollos was going to be at Buffelsfontein we decided to take a trip out to treat our kids.

When Lollos and friends arrived on stage my daughter’s face lit up like a Christmas tree and she started dancing like I had never seen her dance before. It was crazy, a room packed full of toddlers and kids going wild. Adoration and wonder showed on all their faces.

After the show I bought my girl a dvd to take home with us and it has been on repeat non-stop ever since! When the dvd goes on she screams “I need a dance dress to dance to Lollos”, rips her clothes off and dresses herself in something she thinks is suitable “Lollos dancing” attire.

We have now bought her a cd player and a Lollos cd for her 3rd birthday and she spends hours dancing in her room like a crazed person.

What I really like about Lollos is that it is not some senseless kiddies program, they focus on all the important things that young minds need to learn like wearing your seatbelt, brushing your teeth, hygiene and much more. It also really helps that the tunes are catchy and clever as we have to be subjected to it 24 hours a day. I even caught myself humming the “Lettie se lyfie” song recently while out shopping!

Keep an eye on their website for where they will be.

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  1. I find lollos entertaining and educational(active) my brothers 3 and a half year old goes crazy for lollos they got her all the dvds that they could find.

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