Buffelsfontein Bush Camp

Buffelsfontein Bush Camp Review – A Great Way To Switch Off And Bond As A Family

I love camping, however it is not something I have done for many years so when we decided to stay overnight at the bush camp at Buffelsfontein there was great excitement. My husband and I have been to Buffelsfontein once before for a Chris Chameleon concert which was superb, and I took my daughter there years back for a Lollos concert. We were very keen to head back for a camping adventure. If you love camping read on for my Buffelsfontein bush camp review.

Buffelsfontein Bush Camp Review

About Buffelsfontein

Buffelsfontein is a game and nature reserve situated on the R27 in the West Coast. It is approximately 100kms from Cape Town. Some of the animals you may see un the reserve include white rhino, giraffe, buck and buffalo. They also have some lions in secure cages near the reception area.

They offer various types of accommodation including cottages, chalets, guest house and the bush camp. There is also a restaurant, bar and pool area. Buffelsfontein offers team building, conferences and weddings. You can also book for a game drive.

About Buffelsfontein Bush Camp

The bush camp is set in the dunes of Buffelsfontein and it is very rustic, however perfect for families that don’t have a lot of their own camping gear like us. Tents are already set up with two mattresses per tent. There is a braai area, ablution facilities, communal shower area (gas geyser) and running water.

You need to bring your own bedding, braai grid and all the other things you may need for your stay. There is no electricity available and it is very rustic.

Our Experience At Buffelsfontein Bush Camp

When we drove in we immediately saw a number of giraffes which immediately set the tone for us all. Upon arriving at the bush camp there were a number of tents set up in two rows with a rubber mat in between them so that there was a nice walk way in between the tents. Since we were the only people staying there that night we could choose any of the tents for ourselves.

We all immediately explored the area – there was a shaded area covered with shade cloth, a table, a campfire surrounded by logs for seating, a toilet and an ablution area.

The toilet was amazing (to me) but may not be appealing to others, there is one toilet and the entrance is only covered with a piece of shade cloth. When I went to the toilet I was looking out at the bush and a giraffe. Not so great for privacy but awesome for connecting with nature.

The ablution area is a round building with four separate shower/ basin areas and the entrance to each section is the same set up as the toilet, covered with a flap of shade cloth.

I spent the afternoon reading while my kids ran around playing in the sand. In the early evening it started getting quite cool so we made a huge fire and braaied marshmallows before making wors rolls for supper. We had an early night since our fire died down and it was quite cold.

Buffelsfontein Breakfast

Breakfast At Buffelsfontein Restaurant

In the morning we headed over to the restaurant for breakfast and some much needed coffee. On the way we saw some buck. We had a look around at the animals in the cages before heading in to the restaurant to eat. We saw the lions and a rooikat (in the distance), as well as some owls and a meerkat.

The breakfast was lovely and the service was fantastic. I was very surprised at how well priced it was, we all had plenty to eat and our bill for 2 adults and 2 kids was under R300. It was a great way to finish up our adventure.

Campfire Buffelsfontein

Buffelsfontein Bush Camp Review

This was a fantastic getaway for our family, we really needed to get away and this was a fun, exciting way for us all to switch off and bond as a family. We loved every single minute of our stay from the moment we drove in until we left the gate. Camping is such a fantastic thing to do as a family.

One thing that I do advise you take note of is that all the areas are communal and the tents are all right next to each other. We were the only ones there which was lovely, however I do wonder what it would be like if other people were staying there at the same time. If you enjoy your privacy and need a bit of your own space when consider booking out the whole bush camp and inviting your friends and family to fill it up.

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  1. Thank you..

    I looked up on them before..

    Didnt notice they had camping too..

    Would def rub this with the squad

  2. Wow. I love camping, but haven’t been in years. Also our tent and accessories were stolen and just never seemed to purchase new one’s. This is such a great setup especially when you don’t have your own camping things. Definitely something I would to do with hubby and the kids.

    • I used to have loads of camping gear but not anymore, so this was perfect for us. Plus we didn’t have to worry about setting up a tent which was nice for a quick trip!

      • Ahhh I love camping…. As a single mom I’m looking for places to take my daughter tooo where it’s safe for us to camp alone…. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to bring her to Cape Town for a couple of weeks and we can do an over night stay there

  3. I love camping as long it’s far away from elephants 😂😂
    It’s always good to be out and have some family time in a less polluted environment and it’s good for kids too they get to explore the nature

  4. Camping is the best ,to explore and just enjoy all those moments is amazing the best way to have family teips and this is such a beautifull place my kids will love they adores animals

  5. i love nature and animals, this seems like an amazing getaway. hope you had fun, thats so reasonable that you all ate for under R300. WOW!

  6. Love this its next on my list

  7. Tshegofatso Washington

    I’m not adventurous, at ALL but I enjoy reading your reviews. You always sound so pumped up, which is amazing

    I really enjoyed the part about braaing marshmallow and wors though 😂😭🤤
    Breakfast At Buffelsfontein Restaurant also looks great! Did you guys also order desert? x

  8. I am glad you had a wonderful time with your family on such a lovely camp adventure. Somehow camping just makes family come together

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