Constipated Baby

5 Signs That Baby Is Constipated

It is quite common for a baby to strain to make a poop, this does not necessarily mean that your baby is constipated. If your baby’s poop is soft it probably isn’t constipation and there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

5 Signs Baby Is Constipated And When To Worry

Formula fed babies usually have a daily bowel movement, while breastfed babies usually tend to go more often for the first few weeks, often making a bowel movement at every feed. From about 3 to 4 weeks old breastfed babies usually start having fewer movements, sometimes only once or twice a week. This may make parents feel there is a constipation problem, however, it is perfectly normal.

If you suspect that your baby has constipation look out for signs that your baby is constipated.

Signs Your Baby Is Constipated

  1. Baby is pulling legs up
  2. Baby is pushing and no results
  3. Baby cries when feeding
  4. Babies poop is hard and dry (looks like little clay balls)
  5. Loose and watery stools

If your baby has constipation try some natural remedies for constipation to get his bowel moving and only give your baby laxatives, suppositories, or enemas without consulting a doctor first.

If your baby’s constipation does not improve take your baby to the doctor and if any of these symptoms are present, take your baby to the doctor immediately:

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  1. Glad i never had a problem but good to read and know incase it happens

    • Oh it is awful when it happens @lisaanderson so you and baby are lucky! But it will happen at some stage so it is good to know the signs!

  2. Whats the cause of constipation as my son is 8 months and he never had constipation or he never where constipated…

  3. So glad don’t have this problem yet, can imagine what a baby had to go through thank you for this

  4. Thanks for the information.
    When he was constipated I gave him tummy massage and did the leg movements and sometimes medications to help him poop and when he did I got so excited lol

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