How treadmills can help moms to stay fit

How Treadmills Can Help Moms Stay Fit

Exercising does take time and effort. You will have to reach the best place to jog, you have to hit the gym for a lifting session and so on. It is such a good thing that treadmills were invented. Treadmills are stationary devices that can be used to burn out those excess calories. There are many guides saying that treadmills can help you lose a great deal of fat but what is the best routine for it?  For the most special kind of people on Earth, how should a mother work out to get in shape?

Moms may not have much time one their hands but they sure can accomplish things. Below are the best workout routines any mom should try to get in shape. Nothing impossible for a super Mom and super wife.

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Before you try out the different treadmill workouts, make sure you establish a goal. Shaping up with goals makes it easier to track your progress. This will allow you to make key points on what you should improve more. Moreover, stick to a sturdy diet and avoid binge eating. All your efforts will be wasted if you cannot develop the discipline needed to slim down or shape up.

As a mom, you can set an example for the whole family to follow your routine. This will lead a happier and healthier family. In addition, your workout sessions should be followed religiously to make sure the changes would be consistent. You should start by setting a definite schedule for workouts. Preferably one that cannot be interrupted. Momentum is the key for these kinds of workouts and you cannot risk losing it anytime.

20 – Minutes workout for the time constrained

This is included in the HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training. This involves a 20 – minute session that mixes intense, light then, and intense again. The mixes in the speed give a person a higher rate of metabolism. As a result, the variations in speed results in faster body shaping up.  You should start with a 5-minute warm-up. A jog will do. After 5-minutes, you kick the speed up to high speed for a minute. You rest for another 30 seconds. Speed up again and keep it at a pace you can muster. Then, you rest again. This should go for 18-20 minutes. This is the best workout for moms who have a minor time on their hands. This is especially effective for mothers who send their children to school, go to work, and still prepare dinner for the family. They can lose weight without having to stress about time. You should look for the best treadmill for home use to spend more time with the family.

One-hour exercises

This may span a longer time but this is a more sustainable exercise than the first one. This is because the more time you spend, the easier it becomes. This includes varying your speed on the treadmill and then doing a set of an exercise of shoulder presses and curls. The shoulder presses and curls should exceed at least 20 repetitions. You must return to the treadmill for more work on cardio. After the last trip to the treadmill, you then do at least 45 crunches (15 left, 15 right, 15 forward) and 30-second planks. This excessive work on your body will give a painful start. It will be a painful trek at first but this will give you a firmer body than others. In addition, it is easy to follow. Doing this with a treadmill shall obtain massive results in body shaping. Moreover, this will give you the benefit of staying at home while shaping up so you can monitor your chores any time.

Staying on My Treadmill

This workout using the power of the treadmill will require you to stay on the treadmill all the time. 22 minutes is your target time of staying on the machine. You start building half the speed in the first two minutes. Then change the speed up every minute from running to sprinting, running to sprinting until you reach the 17-minute mark.  This is where you start cooling down on the speed and letting your body rest. This is a good workout if you plan to work out on the treadmill only and do not want to get off.

Enhanced Session on The Treadmill

The enhanced version calls for a much faster pace. With a higher warm-up time of 5 minutes, you build your speed towards half of your running speed. You should then sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds then just run for a minute. The sprint-run cycle should be repeated as many as 7 times. After seven cycles, you can then cool your body down.   Make sure that when you sprint, you use your maximum effort and speed. You can expect a higher stamina build up after you do this successively. However, make sure you do it regularly to avoid letting your legs feel searing pain all over again.

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