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How Kegel Balls Can Help Improve Bladder Control

improve your bladder control

If you suffer from urinary incontinence, you’re probably desperate for ways to help improve your bladder control. For now, we’re going to discuss what Kegel balls are, how to use them, how they can improve your bladder control, and if there are other options to improve your bladder control. You …

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Explore Exercises to Help You Improve Pelvic Placement

women's Pilates

When looking for an exercise that can improve your pelvic placement, there is really nothing more effective than doing the Pilates. Being the secondary principle, Pilates promote awareness of improving the pelvic placement and emphasize stabilization of the lumbar spine and pelvis both dynamically and statically through Pilates movements. Here are some Pilates …

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32 Minute Home Cardio Workout for Weight Loss

32 minute home cardio workout for weight loss

I have been doing this home cardio workout by Fitness Blender for about 2 months and it has helped me to lose belly fat as well as build up my fitness and my overall strength! I can feel how my arms are getting more toned and I feel great after …

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