How To Clean Juice Blenders And A Few Useful Tips

When you love having smoothies, juices and purees, then probably you must be using your blender every day. Cleaning a blender involves so much more work than other kitchen utensils, it is because the saucepan and the other things do not have hidden edges to be cleaned, thus we can see whether its properly cleaned or not. But in the case of a blender, we do not know whether the hidden part of the blades are cleaned. Thus, through cleaning of the blender we ensure to prevent the growth of bacteria because of the food residue on the blender.

However, you should buy the blender, which is easy to clean and handle. Go through the best vitamix blenders on internet to choose the best blender of your own choice. So here, we have presented few steps that imply how to clean a blender:

  • Supplies You Will Need:

To clean your blender, you will need mild dish soap, a sponge or a dishrag, and baking soda is optional.

  • Run The Blender:

To get rid of those food particles stuck in there, take 1:1 ratio of water and baking soda and then run the blender. After this, you can take the solution out of it. This will remove the dry food particles from the jar. But if you think your jar doesn’t have food particles in it, then you can skip this process.

  • Taking The Blender Apart:

To clean your blender thoroughly, you will have to take the jar assembly apart to clean base, blade and gasket. Unplug the blender and remove the assembly of jar from the base. Unscrew the base and remove the gasket seal from it, also be careful of the jar blade. Using liquids can make it dry, also it settles down on the base of the jar, thus promotes the growth of bacteria.

  • Washing The Jar:

Soak the jar into soapy warm water for 10 minutes and then clean it with the help of a sponge or a dishrag. Rinse it properly and then let it dry completely. You can also make use of dishwasher to clean the jar, but make sure you place it on the top rack of the dishwasher. However, washing it with hand is much better process, as it reduces the risk of marks on the jar.

  • Washing Other Parts Of The Blender:

Wash the gasket, blade and the base of the jar with hand by using warm soapy water. Make sure you do not cut yourself by the blades while washing it. Rinse them thoroughly and let them dry.


  • Cleaning The Motor:

Always unplug the blender before you start cleaning the motor. Firstly, using a damp cloth and warm water, wipe the base of the motor. Motor should never be submerged with water, it should always be washed with the damp cloth. Ensure you do this process periodically.

  • Reassembling Parts:

Ensure all the parts of the blender have been thoroughly washed, and then place them where they belong. Never ever place the blender open to air because the particles in air might be settled on it, instead place it on a cupboard or shelf.

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