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6 Ways To Safely Keep Your Home Clean While Pregnant

Pregnancy time

Wouldn’t it be great if all your chores vanished when your pregnancy test came out positive? Unfortunately, pregnancy doesn’t render you incapable of doing chores like keeping your home clean. But, you will have to abide by some new housekeeping rules. Avoid Fumes Instead of using harsh, abrasive chemicals, use …

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How To Clean Juice Blenders And A Few Useful Tips

When you love having smoothies, juices and purees, then probably you must be using your blender every day. Cleaning a blender involves so much more work than other kitchen utensils, it is because the saucepan and the other things do not have hidden edges to be cleaned, thus we can …

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6 Effective Tips to Clean Carpet Stains

Cat lying on carpet

Having a crisp-clean carpet is a growing problem for most households. However, your household shouldn’t suffer from having a lot of carpet stains once you are armed with effective ways of cleaning your carpet. That’s what you’ll learn about in this article. For the best results when you are performing …

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How Detailed Is Your Bathroom Cleaning

mirror basin

Cleaning the bathroom is probably not your favorite activity, even when it comes to chores. However, it still needs to be done and most experts suggest at least every few days. If you are cleaning your own bathroom, chances are that you are trying to minimize the effort and time it …

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5 Thrifty Ways To Save Money On Cleaning

Calculate Costs

The costs associated with keeping a clean home can be relatively high. Even if, like me, you do the cleaning yourself, you can soon rack up large bills on the cleaning products themselves. All items in the house seem to have a specialty cleaner these days. The issue is down …

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How Often Should I Clean My Kitchen

Pretty woman cleaning kitchen counters

As the evidence of spring becomes more and more evident, a lot of people start thinking about doing a spring cleaning. However, tackling such a major cleaning operation might be a bit daunting to a person who is not used to it. An easy fix is to hire a maid …

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How to Keep Your Entire House Clean

Washing Dishes

More often than not, people sacrifice one day every week for cleaning. While no one says you have to do everything at once, you probably do it because you don’t have a concept how to balance your personal and work life during the week, so weekends are reserved for projects …

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House Cleaning Tips from a Professional

House cleaning professional

Want to make life easy and keep your cleaning efficient? Check out these house cleaning tips from a pro. If you’ve ever hired an experienced cleaner to help you get your home looking spotless, you’ll know the difference a professional clean can make. The cleaning angels of the world sure …

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