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How To Buy The Best Hose Reel For Your Garden

Every gardener needs a water hose and with it comes it storage equipment, a garden hose reel. A hose reel is an investment that you should research on before making a buy. This is because not all of them have the same standards when it comes to make and even use.

Therefore, you cannot buy it impulsively. You require some basic knowledge on use as well as maintenance. This means you will have to know some of its specifications before making a buy. This way you end up with a product that meets your gardening expectations.

You can check for quality of material, if it comes readily assembled or not and if you can wall-mount it or carry it via a cart. Garden hose reel reviews can help you make a proper buy, depending on your needs.

Here is a look at how you can buy the best hose reel for your garden.

How To Buy The Best Garden Hose Reel For Your Garden

1.     Know the Types Available

Hose reels come in different designs, but their working mechanism is not different. Therefore, before you make a pick, look at the different types and see which one will meet your needs with ease. Some might turn out to be inconvenient depending on your yard size, tap and storage location.

Some common designs in the current market place include but are not limited to stationary hose reels, portable ones, hose reel carts, hideaway hose reels and decorative hose reels. You can research on some more.

2.     Consider Hose Length and Diameter

Hose reels are very strict on the length of a water hose they can handle. Therefore, you should know the hose length as well as diameter before making a pick.

It is always wise to pick a hose reel that can handle a water hose 50-feet longer than your own garden hose. This way your garden hose, can have some room to contract and expand in the heat.

For longer, hoses up to 100-feet, a heavy-duty reel will do, as short garden hoses can be stored in a simple wall-mount reel.

Garden hose nozzle

3.     Level of Portability

You can opt for a portable unit if you have an enormous garden, as this will allow you to station it anywhere, even in the middle of the garden. Besides, most of the hose reels in the current market are lightweight. This makes it easier to move round.

A portable garden hose reel will do better in large gardens, but for smaller yards, you can settle for the wall-mount hose reels.

4.     Does it have a Retractable Option

You can always opt for a retractable garden hose reel if you want to save time manually winding the garden hose. Likewise, you can settle for it if you have no experience in manual hose winding and require a simple procedure to help keep your garden hose tidy.

They simply pull back your water hose and roll it up inside for proper storage. However, you will need some energy to pull it out first, during use.

These types of reel are great for large gardens with large capacity garden hoses. The option is often found on automatic hose reels.

5.     Check for Additional Accessories

Most hose reels come with some accessories that aid in watering. You are likely to find all sorts of hose fittings, which are useful when it comes to its use. The basic and essential accessories are often given with the product.

Other than that, you should also try to invest on a proper water nozzle. This way you can control your watering and its flow on your end of the hose.


In conclusion, most gardening tools like a garden hose reel are not to be bought in haste.  You need to know its specifications very well, before even deciding to buy one.

It is essential, yes but there are varied models out there. Therefore, you need to make your pick carefully. Otherwise, you might end up with an inferior product, one that is not in accordance with your needs or standards.

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