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6 Unique Gifts For Kids To Boost Resilience and Creativity

In this article, we have compiled a list of unique gifts for kids that boost resilience through creativity. These gifts are useful for developing emotional health and resilience in children.

How To Cultivate More Creativity in Children

Creativity is a habit that must be developed. Many individuals have some fear of being creative and use excuses like “I am not good at art, and they typically don’t see creative activities as a meaningful way to spend time. However, cultivating creativity in kids can be done in so many ways and art can be divided into a myriad of categories. Through promoting creativity in your children, they will become more resilient.

Why is Developing Resilience Important?

Highly sensitive kids like those with sensory processing disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can benefit from activities that assist their nervous system to return to a state of calmness. Intentional sensory activities can provide their brain with the sensory input it needs. Developing resilience in kids assists them to overcome challenges more easily and lowers the chances of them suffering from stress-related disorders or anxiety.

6 Unique Gifts For Kids To Boost Resilience and Creativity

6 Unique Gifts For Kids To Boost Resilience and Creativity

Personalized Creativity Kit

Kits love arts and crafts and it is an excellent practical way to encourage creativity in children. Young kids love creating things, drawing, and painting. To make a personalized art kit, you can use a container or toolbox with neat compartments that you can fill with everything they might need to create beautiful art items. Add things like crayons, colourful stickers, string, colouring in pencils and glue. Be sure to put their name on it.

The Butterfly Letters

One of our favourite unique gifts for kids is a Butterfly Letters subscription. The Butterfly Letters is a company that specializes in sending personalised letters to children 6-15 years old. Children can be captivated by stories that unravel through letters they receive in the post. The letters are about different Gritty Girls (dead or alive) and there are twenty four letters in the collection as a whole which are mailed twice weekly. These letters are aimed at inspiring kids, girls in particular.

These letters showcase trailblazing women that are not showcased in society or schools. Introducing kids to these inspiring female role models can spark their curiosity and inspire them to become more independent and resilient. There are various subscription offers to choose from.  Why not give your child a truly unique and inspiring gift this year? With this meaningful gift, modern kids can experience that feeling of excitement when receiving a handwritten letter via snail mail that is addressed to them.

You can follow The Butterfly Letters on Instagram.

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Noise Cancelling Earphones

This gift is a vital tool for parents who are raising a sensory child. Many meltdowns are caused by overstimulation. Noise-cancelling earphones create a quiet and serene environment for kids. They can use it to play a calming audiobook or listen to soothing music.

Noise cancelling earphones lower the actual decibels (noise level) that your ears process, however, they do not entirely eliminate noise. For kids with auditory sensitivities, this helps them to partake in potentially loud environments without getting overstimulated and overwhelmed by the sounds around them.

Sensory Toys and Fidgets

These are other calming tools for sensory kids to help them build resilience. These toys have been shown to enhance concentration and paying attention to tasks and activities, while also boosting emotional regulation.

Lego and Duplo Building Blocks

There are various benefits linked to building blocks as far as child development goes. Building blocks encourage kids to build fine motor skills, while engaging their imagination and creativity. Blocks can be used to signify anything. That is why they are an excellent foundation for storytelling, re-enacting events, and building structures. Kids enjoy the freedom to bring their visions and ideas to life as they physically shape their experiences and stories.

They also learn how to be part of a team when engaged in block building with others, whether at school with peers, or at home with friends, siblings, and cousins. They build resilience through developing skills like co-operating, negotiating, and decision-making which are all part of the process. Magnet tiles are another form of building block exercising. The blocks are joined together with magnets, keeping kids engaged for hours.

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Kids Cooking Sets & Utensils

Confidence is an essential part of building resilience, and cooking is one of the most basic and practical ways of building confidence in kids. It can just be something easy, like food preparation.  Whether they help mom with mixing ingredients for baking muffins or preparing a sandwich, there will be challenges, failures, and successes which are all experiences that assist with developing resilience. Nowadays you can buy cooking sets and utensils that are specially made for little hands.

Allowing your little one to help you with cooking or baking is the perfect bonding experience, plus gifts like these can get them excited about preparing and making food, and eating of course. It might just eliminate the issue of picky eating too.

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