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Shaping Imaginations For The Future With Play-Doh

The world needs brave imaginations, now more than ever. Play-Doh continues to ignite imaginations and empower kids to believe the future is theirs to shape.

As we prepare for a new year, in what seems to be a constantly changing environment, Play-Doh continues to provide kids with shapeable, shareable, tactile play experiences that inspires creativity, exploration & self-expression.

Through sensory, imaginative open ended play activities, children can practice some of the foundational skills that are critical for future success and helps younger children prepare for the big, elaborate world.

High quality Play-Doh compound is non-toxic and is made up predominantly of simple ingredients including water, salt and flour. As children’s safety is always Hasbro’s top priority, Play-Doh compound undergoes vigorous testing to ensure it meets (and exceeds) all applicable global safety standards and regulations.

This is why, after more than 65 years, Play-Doh remains a loved and trusted brand for parents, caregivers and teachers worldwide!

A classroom favourite, Play-Doh combines the fun with essential development and learning benefits. Providing ideal opportunities to practice and nurture kids critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity skills while exploring a range of topics and skills including language, math, science, social studies, and the arts.

Shaping Imaginations For The Future With Play-Doh

Play-Doh Combines The Fun With Essential Development And Learning Benefits Such As:

  1. Creativity & imagination – provides kids with unlimited moulding possibilities and the freedom to explore.
  2. Grow Curiosity & Cognitive Exploration – by exploring shapes, numbers, colour mixing and more.
  3. Fine Motor Skill development – all the squishing, rolling, flattening and shaping helps to develop and strengthen hand muscles, which encourages pre-writing and other motor skills. The tactile, hands-on nature of Play-Doh compound can also help encourage development of hand-eye coordination.
  4. Multi-Sensory Experience – kids  learn about their world through touch, sight and smell. Working with Play-Doh is also a very calming and soothing activity, which eases tension, releases extra energy and improves focus and concentration.
  5. Social Skills & Communication – group Play-Doh activities help develop team work and collaboration such as collaborative problem solving, planning and playing. Children can also learn to effectively engage in individual play sharpening their focus, patience and concentration skills.

Play-Doh Tips For Parents:

  • Guide your child to explore different shapes, forms and colours, which increases curiosity and knowledge while developing their fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination.
  • Play-Doh allows children the flexibility to experiment and develop their own stories and leads to innovative, imaginative thinking and increased confidence down the line.
  • Engaging in child-adult conversation, assists with communication and vocabulary growth – ask questions and allow your child to practice critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Repetition can be a great way to reinforce the skills you’ve explored. Have fun doing the activities multiple times and in different ways!

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All Set For Some Play-Doh Fun!

Play-Dog Challenge 2022


Get hopping into the latest Play-Doh character challenge & create your own Froggie-Doh character!

Share your Froggie-Doh creation on Instagram @playdohza and stand the chance to win some amazing Play-Doh prizes – challenge your friends to share their creative creations!

Play-Doh frog

Some Tips To Create A Play-Doh Frog:

  1. Gather the materials you’ll need:
  • Play-Doh colours including
    • Red or pink
    • A light colour i.e. white or yellow
    • A darker colour i.e. black
    • Green or whichever colour you’d like your frog to be!
  • Toothpick/ fork/ cutter/ beads/ googly eyes
  1. Using your favourite colour roll out two round-shaped Play-Doh balls one for the body and a larger one for the head.
  2. Attach the body to the head.
  3. Use your thumbs to make indents on either side of the head for the eyes and your cutter to shape a mouth.
  4. Roll out two small balls  (in your lightest Play-Doh colour) for the eyes and place two smaller circles in a darker colour on top for the pupils.
  5. Roll out two small balls in the same colour as the head and place the eyes on top before inserting into the indents on the head.
  6. Roll out two long Play-Doh tubes. Start to roll up each tube leaving enough Play-Doh at the end for the foot.
  7. Use your thumb to flatten the foot and bend before using a toothpick or fork to ‘scratch’ toe markings into the foot and attach a completed back leg to either side of the body.
  8. Roll out two shorter tubes, use your thumb to flatten the tip of each and use the toothpick or fork to ‘scratch’  toe markings – add a front leg to each side of the head where the body and head meet.
  9. Roll a short thin red/ pink piece of Play-Doh and complete your Frog by adding a bright flicking tongue.

Skills Match:   Enhanced fine motor skill, Improves pre-writing skills, proprioceptive and tactile feedback, enhanced creativity.

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