Behind The Scenes 12 November 2021 – The End Of Year Pressure Is On!

This last week has been a mix of crazy chaos, confusion and burn out – I started my Behind The Scenes video with Judy with a disclaimer, I’m just not all with it so please excuse me if I seem dazed and confused today!

Weekend Away At Berg River Resort

Our weekend away at Berg River Resort more than lived up to my expectations. My husband and I actually got to spend some quality time together and connect while our kids played with other children that were there. We also had plenty of family fun canoeing. My kids swam in the river and the pool, they went on the super tube and played putt putt. They also spend a lot of time running to the cafe to spend their money on sweets. While I’m not big on letting them pig out too much on sweets and junk food I let it run its course so that I could relax. There are times to pick your battles and our weekend away was not the time to be that moaning mom.

I was also super happy to be able to wear my much loved Tankini swimsuit that I bought from Amazon last year. For the first time I feel comfortable and confident in my swimsuit!

Loving The Cadbury Festive Season Range

I took the Cadbury Festive Range chocolates I was gifted on our weekend away and it went down a treat. I still can’t decide which one is my favourite but clearly the Cadbury Dream-coated Whispers Snowballs was a firm favourite with my hubby and kids.

If you haven’t tried this range I recommend you give it a go.

End Of Year Pressure

I was so confused yesterday that I was waiting with my kids at home for my sister in law to pick them up, wondering why she was so late before realizing it was my day for the lift club. Another face palm moment for this mom with a mad scramble out the door to get the kids to school on time. That just summarizes how most of my week has gone.

It seems every fourth term the end of year pressure starts early and I must remember to be prepared for it next year. The term barely began and stationery lists are going out, updated school fee prices, text book lists, exam demarcations, discussions with class moms about end of term gifts for teachers, end of year class parties, Secret Santa at school, prize giving and more. Add in loadshedding two to three times a day, working from home and my daughter’s birthday… it is a recipe for disaster. Not to self – don’t forget this next year. Be prepared.

Exams Start Next Week

It feels like my daughter just finished writing exams and she starts again next week. It is her first year writing exams and I think she is handling it better than I am. The pressure is on and I can’t wait for the exams to be over already.

I’ve Lost Some Weight

I’ve been battling with my weight since I quit smoking 6 years ago. My weight used to average around 60 to to 65kgs and I’ve been over 80 since I quit smoking. I weighed myself a few weeks ago and I was 82kgs. This morning I weighed myself and I was 78.5kgs. This is so exciting for me and I have not really made many big changes lately except for being more active, eating a salad for lunch every day and incorporating Lifegain into my routine when I’m rushing around and would often skip a meal. I’m hoping to continue losing weight and will keep you all updated.

Being Featured In Feedspot Top 55 South Africa Mom Blogs

It was such a lovely surprise to be notified that I was featured this week in Feedspot’s top 55 South African mom blogs.

Loving Earning Through Games On Ysense

For the first time since joining Ysense in 2015 I finally downloaded the app just to have a look at it and what a pleasant surprise to see that I now have the option of downloading games and earning through playing. I’m not big on playing games but my kids are. I put it to the test and my kids are now earning me on average $1 a day playing games.

Yes true, it is not much but everyone is happy since my kids finally get to use my phone for playing games and I get some peace and quiet along with a small residual income. It’s a win all round.

I’ve been earning from Ysense since 2015 and wrote a review on it which I now need to update to include the information about earning through playing games.

If you have been looking for a fun way to make some extra income online Ysense is a great option. Click here to join.

Getting Ready For My Kids’ Birthday Party

It was my daughter’s 10th birthday at the end of October and it is my son’s birthday in December. Since my son’s birthday is in the Christmas holidays I need to have his party before school closes. I am not able to cope with organizing two birthday parties within such a short space of time, so every year I throw a combined party for them both. It saves on time, effort and money. A lot of my daughter’s friends have siblings that are friends with my son and vice versa so it just makes sense all round.

The party is tomorrow morning and this year money is tighter than ever and for the first time ever I am not going all out. I usually make their birthday cakes, a huge peppermint crisp tart, a strawberry cheesecake, platters of food and other snacks. This year my sister in law’s gifts to my kids are custom made birthday cakes. She is a chef so these are sure to be the best looking cakes they have ever had.

Since I’m not going all out I went to the shop this afternoon with my kids and we just loaded the trolley with chips, drinks, sweets, fruit and whatever else we could find that looked good and cost effective. What a change – I would usually spend the entire Friday baking cakes and making sweet treats, then get up early on the Saturday to prepare the platters and other food. It is cheaper, easier and quicker. Plus my kids loved going to the shop to help me choose everything.

I wish you all a superb weekend, I will catch up with you all on Monday – and keep an eye on my Instagram stories tomorrow, I will share some photos of the party!

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