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Do Amber Teething Necklaces Work?

Do amber teething necklaces work is a question I hear often, here is my personal experience:

Up until my daughter was 3 months I had never heard of baltic amber teething necklaces. To be honest when I did hear about them I was sceptical and didn’t even think of buying one, until of course, my girl started teething.

As mentioned in one of my previous articles, being a first time mom I had heard of teething. I had heard it was a terrible phase, but I assumed that it would be a process of maybe a few weeks, possibly even a whole month and then there would be a full set of teeth. Much to my horror I found out that this was not the case and that it would be a few years of teething!

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Do Amber Teething Necklaces Work

In the beginning I was still not too put out, because I had no idea how many sleepless nights this phase brought on. How was I to know how many of those teething nappies were on the way (which of course also means endless nappy rashes) and how much my girl would suffer? I tried the teething gels, the powders, teething rings, the wet face cloths and of course all the pain killers suggested.

By the time my daughter was 4 months old I was exhausted and fed up of pumping my child full of meds and decided to give the teething necklace a try. I can’t say that I believed it would work, but I was willing to try anything and I was trying to convince myself it would work.

The night I put it on for the first time, those teething nappies came to a stop immediately. This might seem like one small change, but for me it was huge! Up until then she was having these horrible, smelly poos that were basically brown water. They would go straight through the nappy immediately. They would even go straight through her clothing as well as the bedding and the mattress and this would happen a number of times every night.

It was exhausting because I would have to wash her down each time, change her clothing, strip her bed and start all over again and she would have constant horrible nappy rashes. It was heart-breaking!

There was not an immediate change in her being so sore and uncomfortable, though. In fact it seemed like a few weeks before I realised I had not given her any meds or any sort of pain relief in a couple of days. Her drooling did not become less or stop at all for months and I actually think this stopped on its own.

Baby teething

My daughter is now nearly 2 years old and I never give her any pain relief for teething anymore (and I haven’t for over a  year) and I do believe it is due to the amber teething necklace.

I get so many moms asking me if this will work for their baby and not all feedback is as positive as our experience. A few moms come back to me and said it has done absolutely nothing for them, so I cannot guarantee that it will work for you. These moms are, however, few and far between with the majority of moms reporting that it has been absolutely incredible.

A few moms have told me that their baby started sleeping through the night from the time they started wearing it. This has not happened for me, but my child has always been a very bad sleeper.

I believe that the amber works in different ways for each baby. For some lucky moms and their baby it is a miracle cure. For some it helps with some of the teething symptoms and nothing else. And for a few unlucky moms it does nothing.

I do think though that giving it a try is worth it. I also had the mindset when I bought one that it was an expensive item to buy for my baby, especially when one cannot possibly know that it will definitively work. But after you weigh up the cost of the necklace against a few bottles of Panado, some teething gel, nappy rash cream, and more, you will soon see that the necklace will pay for itself!.

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  1. I swear by the amber teething necklace. I have 3 children my 2 older children suffered terribly with running tummy, fever, pain and drooling since 3 months old. My 2 older ones are 13 and 9; my baby is now 2 and he is still wearing his necklace. he never drooled, had fever or pain. I would recommend the necklace highly! I wish I’d known about this product when my 2 older children were babies.

    • Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! I say if there is a non-medicinal way to bring relief to my baba, I’m willing to give it a try and R185 (with postage) in the long run is prabably cheaper than the amount you would spend on nappies, drops, powders, gels etc.

    • from how many months can one start using it?

      • Hi Leigh-Ann

        Lots of moms start their babies wearing amber teething necklaces from birth, however our supplier recommends from 3 months old.

        Kind Regards

      • Hi Lynn, is it safe to use? What about possible strangulation?

      • Hi Sonnette

        Lots of moms have asked about strangulation. The necklaces are made to break if too much pressure is added to them. Both my kids wore them from a few months old until nearly 3 years old and we never had any problems. However if you are really worried them maybe think about getting an amber bracelet or anklet for your kids.

  2. I’ve found that the amber necklace has helped my little boy with fever! When it comes to pain I’m not sure for my boy hasn’t shown any signs of pain or discomfort so I think it works for that too. . .drooling gets a big fat no! ! ! He drools all the time and everything is always wet! I was so hoping it would help for drooling, for my little one hates a bib! But so far so good! I give it a thumbs up!

  3. Since about a month old my lb had always had a bad cough. As I put on the necklace for him at about three months old I didnt notice an immediate change. I’m pretty sure that its because of the amber necklace that my lb cough and blocked nose just went away and became 110% better. He still drools a lot but hey by four and a half months two little teeth had popped out without any sleepless nights of pain or fever. My lb is now almost six months and still wearing the necklace I definately thinks a great immunue booster for him.

  4. danielle Whitten

    Besides the fact that they look absolutely adorable in the neclace, I’m also a firm believer! When my lb was about 3 and a half months old he started teething the wednesday evening! I had no sleep until saturday! Tried EVERYTHING!!! Then eventually bought a teething necklace at Earth child as I did not know about Kaboutjie at the time.(This was R350) in about 12 hours, the necklace worked wonders! Fever went away, drooling stopped, he slept right through the night, no meds!!! His 2 bottom teeth just popped out without a hassle! Then he lost it!! Now he’s teething again and its a nightmare! Should be getting the new 1 soon!!!

  5. Chantelle Thorpe

    It has def helped my girl so much…im not lying if i take it off for the day, she has drooled so much i have to clean her up and change her, and shes quite moody without it on…so i will never ever take it off AGAIN 🙂

  6. Hi mommys

    Can u please tell me where this neclace is available as I have a 3 month old baby girl who’s busy teething.thanx

    • Hi Monique

      We supply the amber teething necklaces and they are on sale at the moment, just have a look at our shop on the website 🙂


  7. Hi Lynne

    Thanx a million will do.mwah

  8. Hi Moms, I have twin girls and we got amber neclaces as a gift from a friend – as she used it on her son and was very happy. I put them on as soon as I got them – the girls did not start teathing yet at the time. They are 2.5 years old already and I never take them off. I can see the discomfort when they are teahting, but it has been a breeze – I did not spend nights on end up with either of them, I had the occasional horrible smelly nappy, but not nearly as bad as some babies have, and definately not running out the nappy onto everything. I don’t now what it would have been like without the beads, but I do believe it worked for me and my girls.

  9. I am getting very annoyed with people that have never used them teling me they don’t work its just beads it can’t work !!!! Aaaggghhh I am very happy I won one and I am very happy I’m prepared for all the teething symptoms , and I hope my friends that are saying this don’t make me listen to them moaning about no sleep and the fevers !!! You never know if something works or not. Without trying it !!

    • They are not forced to use or buy them they can always go to a drug store and purchase some drugs that can knock their babies out for the rest of the teething process as we believe the natural route is def the best but hey the choice is up to them they should stop being haters and annoying and give the necklace time to work hahahahahaah o waaaaait they expecting it to perfom a miracle like take the teething symptoms away completely lol well then they looking at the wrong product you will need to get something thats gonna put your baby to sleep for the rest of the teething process……Bleh all these young new mommies I really have a good laugh at them sometimes they seem to think they know it all but they really dont know nothing at all they need to stop moaning and then go the medical route and discontinue using the beads easy as that if they expecting miracles !!!!!!!

  10. My mom is wearing a necklace for her arthritis… And she has advise me that this is the first winter that she hasnt suffered from pain or discomfort… and Mommy’s dont lie =)

  11. Well I know all babies differ , but I will be sure to let kaboutjie know how it works on Thiago when he starts teething

  12. Can u tell me for how long is this neclace working, untill u must replace them? I want to buy 1 for my grandchild.

    • They will be effective for a few years. They apparently lose effectiveness over time but plenty of moms have given feedback that thy have used the same necklace for their first born and next children without a problem.

  13. Hi
    Is there any difference in the way in which the beads work, between the different colours? And where would I be able to “try” them on? I’m not sure which colour beads would look the best on my son

    • Hi Caroline. The lighter the bead the more effective 🙂 we are an e-commerce store so we unfortunately do not have somewhere to try on.

  14. I swear by my necklace and my 22 month old teething necklace he’s teething was 10x better than my 8 year old when he was teething and I have one for my arthritus and my arm has been paining the last few days because of the big move and I put my necklace on yesterday and wala today its all gone 🙂

  15. Hi,

    Bought one for my grandson and am worried about him sleeping with it on. Can it strangle him?

    • Sharon it is recommended that babies do not sleep with them on, however most moms (me included) leave them on 24/7. I have personally not heard of any bad incident with teething necklaces. The necklaces are made to break if a certain amount of pressure is put on them.

  16. bummer, if i had known that the lighter beads work better i never would’ve gotten the cherry coloured one. though i will say that they do help. not with his drooling, but he seems to have less pain. he’s 4months old now.

  17. Hi, From which age can babies worn these necklaces, my grandson is 3 weeks old now.

  18. ..My baby is 3months old and I just won the Amber teething Necklace. Perfect timing indeed.

    • Congrats Prudence! Hope it works wonders for your baby and then you can add in your experience for the moms to see 🙂

  19. Reading this and all the comments has been really helpful, except nowhere does it say how it works? What exactly is it that makes the amber help?

  20. Chris Jansen van Vuuren

    It is unfortunately placebo and simply a case of people believing it works because they want it to work.

    • Hi Chris

      Yes I have read that post and I linked to it in one of my later posts about amber.

      I’m not so sure that is correct though as I have had some lovely reviews and feedback on amber teething necklaces. I have also used them on both my children. I have also sold amber to adults for various ailments ranging from menstrual pain and arthritis to migraines and I got feedback that it worked brilliantly.

      So my personal opinion is that amber does make a difference, but I don’t think it is a miracle cure!

  21. Nthabiseng sentle

    Will try this,my daughter is 2 now,but she still has about 4 tooth missing,I used the black velvet one,I feel like it’s not working at all,when teething she would get so sick,fever,and diarrhea

  22. I heard about the necklace but did not believe that a necklace would work but after I did the research I was able to understand how it works but I never got one for my son and wish I had.

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