Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

What Is Baltic Amber And How Does It Work?

In recent years, Baltic amber has gained immense popularity among parents, especially moms, who seek natural remedies for their babies. But what exactly is Baltic amber, and why are so many moms turning to amber teething necklaces?

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What Is Baltic Amber & How Does It Work?

What Is Baltic Amber?

Baltic amber is the fossilised resin of ancient pine trees that flourished over 50 million years ago along the Baltic Sea. Renowned for its high concentration of Succinic Acid, a natural analgesic, Baltic amber is believed to offer therapeutic benefits such as boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, and easing teething discomfort when worn close to the body’s warmth.

Baltic Amber has also been known to help in the relief of headaches, reduces inflammation of the throat, ear and stomach, fight irritations, infections, arthritis, eczema, and menstrual pain.

It is important to note that Baltic Amber teething necklaces are meant for wearing and not for chewing. The thread is knotted in between each bead so that if the necklace does break it does not become a choking hazard.

Please beware of fake amber products, always check for a certificate of authenticity and buy from a reputable dealer.

Here are a few ways to check if the product you have purchased is authentic:

Smell Test

The smell test is highly effective because natural amber has a distinct aroma that’s hard to replicate in fakes. When burnt, amber emits a sweet, piney, and pleasant smell, which is why it has been valued for centuries. When heated, real Baltic amber releases a delicate pine resin fragrance. In contrast, copal (tree resin) melts at a lower temperature and tends to melt rather than burn, emitting the sweet smell of burning resins.

Rubbing Test

You can easily differentiate amber from glass or plastic by rubbing it. Rub the amber with your hands until it warms up and releases the characteristic pine resin smell.

Hot Needle Test

Insert a heated needle into a hole drilled in the amber bead. If you smell the distinct scent of pine resin, it’s real amber. Amber is fragile and will crack when pierced with a hot needle, whereas plastic will not crack and can be pierced easily.

Acetone Test for Amber

To test for real amber, apply a few drops of acetone (nail polish remover) or alcohol to the surface of the piece. If the surface becomes sticky or the fluid absorbs a honey-golden colour, the piece is likely not amber. Genuine amber will not dissolve or be affected by these solvents.

Salt-water Test

Real amber floats in salt water, which is why it’s often found washed up on Baltic Coast beaches, especially after storms. To conduct the test, follow these steps:

1. Pour 7-8 tablespoons of salt into 300ml of water.
2. Stir the mixture thoroughly for several minutes until the salt dissolves completely.
3. Place your sample in the solution.
4. If it’s real amber, it will float.
5. After the test, rinse the amber with pure water to clean it.

Artificially Inserted Insects

There are many cheap imitations of amber featuring “inclusions” of insects or other creatures. These inserted insects, and sometimes even scorpions, tend to be too large and perfect to be authentic. Finding ancient creatures inside genuine Baltic amber is exceedingly rare and would command an extremely high price. Most authentic inclusions are limited to small pieces containing tiny mosquitoes.

As you navigate the world of Baltic amber, remember its centuries-old reputation for healing and its current appeal as a natural remedy for teething and beyond. Authenticity is crucial when purchasing Baltic amber products. Always ensure your purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity and buy from reputable sources. With its unique properties and history, Baltic amber continues to offer comfort and relief to families seeking natural solutions for their little ones.

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  1. danielle Whitten

    Omw just did all the test on the amber necklace I ordered from Great Ideas on Facebook 2 months ago. A) it broke a week later and B) it failed all the tests above!

    I’m soooo upset!!!!

  2. Good day
    Hw much is the amber teething beads and hw cn I order? Regards

    • Hi Sonet. The amber teething necklaces are R150 each and postage is R35 per order. However we currently have them on special for website sales only, have a look at our online shop on our website. We no longer stock them ourselves, click here to buy one!

  3. Really glad to read this post as I just bought mine for my lil gal and was not sure if its fake and after reading this find out it isnt fake yay

    • Samantha I am so glad to hear that you bought authentic amber, there are so many people that are selling fake amber teething necklaces which really is a shame. The funny thing is that so many people are worried about a certificate of authentication, yet this is really just a piece of paper and anyone can create a fake one LOL.

  4. I bought one and my baby got a rash around her neck. Its been 2weeks now the rash is better but i can see its itchy cause she keeps on scratching her neck.

    • Yes I’ve actually heard of that happening before, a rash caused by the amber. I am so sorry to hear that your daughter had a bad reaction!

  5. That is so interesting Lynne. I should get one for myself…not that I’m teething but I am prone to headaches.I wonder if it works as well on adults.

    • Oh yes they work like a charm for adults – migraines, period pains, you name it! It is amazing! I used to sell the baby necklaces and I had a lot of moms asking for the adult ones too so I stocked some of those too… But I don’t sell any products anymore. You can buy one here from Amazon.

  6. Tshegofatso Washington

    I have dragged my feet on this but my son really needs one!
    He hasn’t eaten for days, is cranky and has a runny nose all because of teething.
    I’m getting it.

    • I hope it works as well for your baby as it did for both of mine Tshegofatso! Teething is such a hard period for babies and moms

  7. On my opinion I don’t think it works the best is to get your child some teething gel or Aston and Parsons, the chewy toys are also give great relief, also some nice frozen, cold snacks help for those itchy gums

  8. i absolutely love these i feel it works wonders on my little one

  9. Amazing thank you for this it is truly helpful.

  10. I personally never believed in putting a necklace on my baby’s neck just because I was scared that it might choke them, but will never tell anyone not to use it as I’ve heard that it does infact work for teething

    • It worked wonders for both my kids, but yes I know a lot of moms have concerns. You do also get amber teething anklets, I have a post about it that I still need to publish, it will be live soon.

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