Teething Baby

The Teething Journey

Before my daughter was born I had heard about teething and I had the impression it was a few short weeks of difficulty and then a full set of teeth would be there…. then I learnt the reality! The truth is that teething can start anywhere from birth (a baby can even be born with one or more teeth) and can last until 3 years old!

Although a baby can be born with one or more teeth the norm is for a baby to start with teething symptoms any time from about 3 – 6 months old. On average the first tooth cuts through at about 7 months of age, but some babies might only get their first tooth after 1 year.

Here is a teething chart showing the approximate age that the teeth come out and the order. Remember not all babies follow this exactly! My baby got her bottom front teeth and then the top 2 next to the front, leaving her with a “passion gap” for about 2 months.

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Teething journey - when baby get teethTeething is a very unpleasant process for parents and babies, there are remedies to make it easier but it is not easy to soothe your crying baby when they are going through this process.

How do you manage with your teething baby?

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  1. Just check the toothbrush cause i`m able to steam mine. Also agree some parents give meds too quickly. I give prodol for gums you can test it makes my tongue numb. Nice article lynne nothing like a teething baba also did not know it would be like this.

    • Nice article…very helpful for new moms and the teething guide comes very handy. My little one has been showing symptoms since 3months old -now at 6months still no teeth. just a little vampire-wanabe

      I was told on your facebook page to try Prodol instead of Teejel…I first tested it on myself, my gum went numb and I drooled a little… 😉 works miracle

      Amber teething beads also working its magic…Ouma got her beads back and since wearing it she hasnt had any ‘rimitiek’ in her muscles

    • Ooo all the info I needed! My lg is 3 and ‘n half months and I am sure she is starting to teeth!! Will def have to get me a amber teething necklace!! Thanks for the great advise!!

    • Hi Lynne,
      Thanks so much for this! My lb has two of the symptoms… Guess that’s why he’s been crying so! Will soon order my Amber necklace

  2. my son is going through all that eina now. Been such a struggle today. I myself feel extremely emotional and overwhelmed today. Seeing him hurt and sick is really painful. I just pray he goes through this quickly . Thanks for the article 🙂

    • Shame Jeannie! Which tooth is he on? I found the first few teeth the worst so far, I think because it was all so new to her. Maybe you will be lucky too and the next ones won’t be too bad!

    • I get where your coming from we haven`t slept in threw in aleast two weeks and that also takes a toll but sick & sad baby is heartbreaking.

  3. Thank you for the helpful article Lynne. It’s not nice at all when you feel helpless.

    • It’s a pleasure. I focussed on the natural remedies as I really believe medicating is not the way to go! Yes you do need to give meds on occasion but I like to encourage other remedies. Hopefully more moms can comment and add their advice!

  4. thank u for this article- especially the hints. although this is baba #3 one tends to forget this:-) but with help like this it makes going through the teething pain do-able for baby and mommy

  5. My son breezed through getting his first 6 teeth in 7 weeks!! But over the weekend, the drama started. He is cutting his first back tooth. I have been up since 2:15am this morning. I will rather stay awake and help him where I can, than just medicate and leave him. Just thanking Kaboutjie for his teething necklace 🙂

  6. Thanks for the great advice. My lo should start teething in the next 4 months or so…so glad it’ll be closer to warm weather so she can use natural relief methods rather than meds 🙂

  7. Very nice article , it really helps new mommys like me and tells me a lot about teething! Thanks a lot… Xx

  8. Great article 😀

    Both my babies were late teethers and only popped their 1st tooth at 9 months and 10 months respectively. My son is now 22 months and still has 8 teeth to cut! The only thing that does work for him is his Amber teething necklace (reduces the drool) and also Prodol.

  9. Guess we’ll be soon there. Learned something about paining ears thanks so much

  10. Is it possible for my little boy of 3months to be teething now already? He is drooling and sucking on everything?

    • Yes it is very possible! They often start teething symptoms around 3 months, this is because the teeth are moving up. However the first tooth will often only appear around 6 – 7 months.

  11. thanks Lynne for the article! waiting patiently well not really patient lol for lil ones tooth to pop out! teething is such a trying time for both mom and baby, atleast for some I think. baba is so clingy these days, just gotta givem more love and hugs and kisses I guess 🙂

  12. This artical is sooooo helpful! My lg will be 11wks on thursday and has started drooling already! Midwife says her gums are hard and she’ll be teething early! *yikes* I’m dreading the teething journey, I don’t know what to expect and ill be back at work in a month! 🙁 I’d prefer being with her! Sooooo I’d better get prepared!…..thanks Lynne!

  13. 🙁 My little one is starting

  14. Those Amber teething necklaces are great for teething in little ones, they helped my teenage daughter get through the agony of cutting her wisdom teeth. Wonderful, natural and effective.

  15. olivia mortlock

    I find that with the drooling, if u dry the chin well and apply some vaseline, it helps prevent a rash.
    My little guy is going through it now and has his first bum rash, I wash the area well with lavendar soap and water, and wipe with cooled rooibos tea, then I take a hair dryer and dry it. I apply vaginal cream to the area and then his normal bum cream and sprinkle mazina – his rash started on sunday and today its almost gone!
    The chemist also told me his snotty nose is not from teething, but my dr says it is…
    Amazing how different healthcare professionals have different opinions

  16. Day 3 of teething!

  17. This article is very helpfull thank you lynn, i think our sons 1st tooth is well on its way.

  18. Thank you for this article 🙂 My little guys started teething at 3 months, they will be 6 months on 5 May and still not a single tooth for either of them. Thank heavens for their amber beads it has been amazing. The semi frozen cloth works miracles lol my babies love it. I guess my hubby and I are very lucky as we have been sleeping well along with babies, only 1-2 nights a week we operate on minimal sleep. So blessed. Having lots of fun with our little drooling vampire wanna-be’s (“,) #mommyoftwins

  19. My baby is teething at the moment and we are really having a rough time :'( He wakes up very early in the morning crying, and nothing I do calms him down, and this has been going on for a week now. He has already cut one tooth, and the next is on his way now. I think I will be trying Prodol now instead of Teejel, because it doesn’t really work in my opinion. Thanks for this article and all the mommies’ comments!

  20. Hi mommies. Is Prodol available over the counter or does one need a script for it?

  21. I stumbled upon this article at just the right time. My little boy is four months old now and has start drooling a lot… I love the handy guide you shared above! Very useful, thank you. I NEED to get an amber teething necklace… and soon!

  22. Thanks for the tips ladies! Has anyone tried chamomile teething powder?

    Mine just popped his first tooth 🙂 Hoping it gets easier!

  23. Teething is a very unpleasant process for parents and babies to say the least … One feels so helpless during this journey.

  24. Im heading for teething stage omw hope it does not make baby to sick and sore…his now 2 months 1 week old so we getting to 3-6 months old

  25. Awesome article have a 4month girl also didnt know the stages of teething thaught it was only at a later stage

  26. Hi all the mommies, my baby boy is 5 months now and also started showing symptoms of teething. Pediatrician suggested alegex (because it’s an antihistamine, which takes the “jik” and inflammation of the gums away) when it really get bad and the only way to go is medicine. But only from 6 months though.

  27. I was rubbing him with the powder i forgot the name,immediately when i saw that he was swollen i started to use powder on him it was helpful.

  28. Does anybody still give their babies biltong to teethe on or is that a big nono these days? I gave all of mine biltong to chew with various degrees of success and mess. Apart from how revolting the piece of biltong could become after a while, the only problem we had was keeping the dogs from stealing it.

    • Oh yes I gave both my kids teething biltong and they loved it. True it got really gross but it works! I have seen plenty of other moms still using biltong so I am sure it is still popular. I see it in the shops too 🙂

    • I never experienced any problems with my first 2 they just had a high temperature that was manageable with calpol and the last one is 9 months and he is showing me flames I have used Ashton powder and teething jels but he is still fussy

  29. Great article for first moms

  30. Very insightful thank you. I used teejel and teething cookies he also had teething rings as well as the Dr Brown teething pacifier but it still was a though journey

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