Columbine Co

Columbine Co Review – Coffee And Cake At Bokkomlaan

I visited Columbine Co with some new friends, it is a delightful spot, so I am excited to share my Columbine Co review with you.

Columbine Co Review

Columbine Co

Columbine Co is a coffeehouse overlooking the Berg River in Bokkomlaan, Velddrif. It is open from 8am until 4pm Monday to Sunday. Their menu offeres coffee, tea, and cake. You can also buy coffee and tea to take home.


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My Columbine Co Review

When I went to Columbine Co for the first time I didn’t know anything about them, so I went there before having breakfast. They serve coffee, tea, and cake only so I was forced to have cake for breakfast. No hardship there for me to be honest.

You pay inside when you place your order and your order is brought to you. They have indoor and outdoor tables, and there are chess boards on some of the indoor tables so you can play chess while you have your cake and coffee.

I had the red velvet cheesecake and it was divine (pictured in my Instagram post above). I also had a cappuccino which was lovely. The view is heavenly and the atmosphere is fantastic. It is such a quiet and relaxing vibe eating cake and watching the river right in front of you.

If you visit Velddrif you must swing by Columbine Co, however, make sure you get there early since they only have a limited amount of cake! My hubby and I went there for a date recently and we went in the afternoon and there was no cake left, but we were more than happy with our cappuccino date.

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  1. looks delicious ?

  2. Amazing review. Little coffee shops like that are just the best.

  3. The cakes look too divine, you always making us drool

  4. Tracy Lee Whittaker

    I wish I could come to the cape to visit all these beautiful places

  5. Shihaam Smith wilson

    im craving sweetness now @????

  6. Putting cake pics in your posts is just cruel! I’m so craving that lemon meringue now!

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