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Columbine Co Review – Coffee And Cake At Bokkomlaan

Columbine Co

I visited Columbine Co with some new friends, it is a delightful spot, so I am excited to share my Columbine Co review with you. Columbine Co Columbine Co is a coffeehouse overlooking the Berg River in Bokkomlaan, Velddrif. It is open from 8am until 4pm Monday to Sunday. Their …

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White Chocolate Mocha Mousse Recipe

White chocolate mocha mousse

This white chocolate mocha mousse is absolutely divine and was a huge hit with my family. It is quick and easy to make with only a few ingredients. This coffee in this chocolate mousse makes it really special. White Chocolate Mocha Mousse Recipe Ingredients: 700ml cream ½ cup Nova Choc-Oh-Late …

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Coffee And Breastfeeding – Is it Safe?

Breastfeeding and coffee

Many moms worry about coffee and breastfeeding and whether it can have a negative effect on your baby. I bet most of you have been asking yourselves this question. When your body is used to drinking multiple cups of coffee per day, it is not always easy to quit coffee …

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Nespresso Heralds Coffee Craftmanship With The Latest Additions To The 2020 Master Origins Range

Making coffee Nespresso Sumatra

Coffee lovers around the world are set to experience coffee craftsmanship from far flung corners of the globe with the latest addition to the Nespresso Master Origins range. The new limited edition Master Origin Aged Sumatra single origin coffee launched today, complementing the existing blends in Nespresso’s Master Origins range. Inspired by the skills of some …

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8 Gift Ideas For The Coffee Enthusiast

Hot Coffee

Since the goat herder Kaldi discovered the potential of our beloved coffee beans centuries ago, it has become the staple for many individuals worldwide. Nothing beats the aroma of good quality coffee brewing somewhere in the distance and finding its way to you when you’re still in slumber mode and …

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Can Mom Drink Coffee When Breastfeeding?

Mom cuddling baby

Food and drink restrictions while pregnant are normal and expected. But how about after the little one arrives? After 9 good months of deprivation and caution, can you actually go back to your normal eating/drinking life? Most pregnant women pay attention to anything they take; wondering if that tiny bite …

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