Building muscle and balanced nutrition

Building Health Through Building Muscle and Balanced Nutrition

Building muscles through exercise as a hobby is a satisfying activity. Pumping iron, cardio, or HIIT greatly improves your blood circulation. Ultimately, you will be able to sculpt an awesome beach bod!

Whether you like running, lifting, crossfit, or machine assisted exercises like maxi climbers and smith machines, your body will build muscles. But did you know? Aside from a well-built physique, you are making your body healthy.

Building Health through building Muscle and Balanced Nutrition

The Role of Exercise in Your Physique

Many people have engaged in an exercise to manage weight and chisel a spectacular body. A small percentage did so because of necessity. Whether you like exercising or not, it has a positive effect on your body (except on conditions where strenuous workouts are not recommended).

When you exercise, your body will smartly adapt to your activity. Every time you run, or pump iron, or swim, or whatever exercise you do, your body tries to memorize how to do that certain activity! Isn’t it that great? That’s why you gain mastery in time, and you become proficient at it.

Essentially, when you religiously perform heavy training, the muscles of the body get micro tears that need to be healed. Then, our body repairs it. Being a smart body, it heals and repair torn muscles and tissues with exaggeration in the form of muscular growth.

This is the body’s response to adapt and make and prepare for a heavier task. We grow our muscles depending on how we train, of course. The heavier we train, the stronger we get, and the bigger we grow. It’s not magic! It’s just hard work! Growing too fast is anomalous (you know what I’m saying!)!

Building Muscle

The Role of Exercise in Your Health

Your health is always tied up with your lifestyle. If you are living a stagnant lifestyle (too little moving around), you have the potential to gain unnecessary weight and catch unnecessary sickness!

Having exercise as part of your lifestyle can steer you away from possible chronic illnesses. When you exercise, you force your heart to pump harder. This trains your heart to pump more efficiently and make it stronger! All forms of exercise can elevate your heartrate (yes, including static yoga poses!)

Working out lessens the likelihood of getting hypertension and diabetes. And you know what, these two are getting more prevalent in our recent years! And yes, they are because of lack of exercise and poor eating habits!

The Role of Nutrition in Building Muscle

Most people, if not all, want to have a fit and muscular body. Well, if you have been exercising to get this, you already got half of the equation! The other half, though, is nutrition. Without proper nutrition, you may not be able to give out your peak performance.

Increased activity will require more calories for you to perform better! If you don’t consume enough, you will end up skin and bones! And when you consume too much, you will gain weight! Carbohydrate consumption can be little tricky may require a few weeks to get the balance.

Aside from the carbohydrates, our body needs protein. Protein is the building block of muscles. It was found on research that an average individual need at least 0.8 grams of protein per lean body weight. Active individuals and athletes need a lot more to compensate.

The bottom line is, when you have strenuous exercise as part of your daily routine, you will need more protein to rehabilitate your micro tears. In essence, you will need even more to support growing.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Trace Elements in Nutrition

Nutrition does not end with proteins and carbohydrates. Vitamins, minerals, and trace elements determine how strong your immune response is. Your immune response determine when you will get the flu (or other illness!) and when you will not.

Consuming greens will boost your immune system and will steer you away from sickness!

Keys to Health Life

Exercise and nutrition are the two important facades to have a healthy body. You may be aiming for muscle building, but when you take exercise and nutrition seriously, you will become healthy. You can’t stop that (don’t you want to be muscular and healthy?) from happening!

This is just an overview of the healthy benefits of exercising. You don’t just get muscle, but you get stronger and tougher against diseases.

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  3. Am so lazy though but i will try to do it in order to stay healthy

  4. Thanks for the reminder. I really have to get myself back into good shape again. I am not overweight or anything but I can feel that I am not nearly as strong as I was before I had my baby that’s for sure.

    I am strong in some ways since my child always wants to be carried 🙂 But from a fitness point of view I can do a lot of work there.

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