Paint Your Nails Perfectly At Home

My daughter has become obsessed with painting nails, but the truth is that I have never been able to paint nails well and of course she is 5 years old so she will be needing a lot more practice before she can do it neatly. So I have had to do some research on how to paint nails perfectly at home.

I came across this awesome video last night by Cutepolish on Youtube and it looks easy enough so I am going to give this method a go this coming weekend!

Do you have any great tips for painting nails that you can share with us?

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  1. This looks so perfect thank for the tips it’s in always feel naked with my nails without polish

  2. Cute shame @lynne she will enjoy it before you know she can cutex her nails prefect on the other hand i can do my finger nails perfect but for some reason my tone nails nightmare it looks like ive dip my toes in the cutex bottle so i go soak my feet after cutex and take one of my nail files and take the cutex of my skin when its lekker soft soak in water LOL its a terrible mission for my tone nails and dont know why. My brothers 3 and a half year old girl likes taking all my moms cutex and she took one when my mom was busy doing nails and dissapear she went to cutex her whole swing set and abit on the car windows of oupa so that was not funny to them.

  3. Lol @vhutshiloali1 i magine with your beautiful nails i just like how you taking care but as for me i cant because of roti???

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