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Car Insurance Premiums That Decrease and R1 Insurance?

If you are looking for the best car insurance, household insurance, building insurance or portable possessions insurance in South Africa I suggest you check out King Price Insurance.

One thing I have always wondered about is that your car value depreciates every year, yet insurance premiums just keep going up. In fact, your brand new car can depreciate as much as 50% in the first year after purchasing it and then it keeps on depreciating by about 15 to 20% each year.

Usually if you buy a brand new vehicle your insurance does not automatically go down to accommodate for the fact that your brand new car is now worth only 50% of its original value. I know that with some policies you can contact them and request that they re-evaluate your insurance premium.

But that is just a pain and honestly I wonder how many people are firstly even aware of that, and how many people bother and continue to pay huge insurance premiums?

Here are some of the really cool things that caught my eye when I checked out King Price Insurance recently:

Car Insurance Premiums That Decrease As The Vehicle Depreciates

Did you know that King Price Insurance automatically decreases your monthly premiums as the value of your car depreciates? Now this just makes complete sense to me. Yes they do have an annual increase, as does every company on earth, but the monthly premiums decrease in line with your car depreciating, without you having to do a thing.

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The More You Insure The Less You Pay

The more vehicles you insure with King Price Insurance the less you pay. If you insure 2 cars you get 10% discount on both cars, if you insure 3 cars you get 15% discount on all 3 cars and if you insure 4 or more cars you get 20% discount on all the cars insured.

R1 Insurance

Yes it sounds insane doesn’t it? For each vehicle that you insure through King Price Insurance you can insure one item for just R1.

You can insure various items such as your smart watch, camera, golf clubs, bicycle or hearing aid. This is such an incredible bargain since insurance is usually so costly. being able to insure one loved item for just R1 a month is an incredible deal.

Sounds Too Good Too Be True Right?

I’m a skeptic, I really am. When I hear about super duper cheap deals I am always so sure that there is a catch, especially when it comes to something so important like insurance.

Insurance is simply not something to play games with, you really need to ensure that you have chosen the best insurance company for your needs and while a cheap price is always great the real test comes after you have submitted your claim.

So I went to my favourite review website,, to have a look to see how King Price Insurance stands up against the big names for insurance in South Africa. I won’t name anyone because this article is not about them, but I found it really exciting to see that King Price Insurance has over 4000 reviews and overall mostly has a better rating than a whole bunch of top notch, popular insurance companies in South Africa.

You can go and play around with that yourself if you want to have a look. If you are looking for the best car insurance in South Africa I suggest you add King Price Insurance to the list of companies you are going to check out and price.


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  1. Car insurance from just as little as R1 wow I wish I had known of this last year

  2. King price sure is cheap and deliver good service im not on king price yet but my fiance changed over to them and he got less of a installment to pay on his car then what used to pay on previous insurance im in the process of changing over to king price thanks Lynne this jist proven again we made the rigg decision.

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