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Cheapest Family Cars to Insure in South Africa

Cheapest Family Cars To Insure

Owning a car in South Africa can seem expensive – from petrol to maintenance, vehicles are not cheap. And added to the costs of having your own transport comes the expense of car insurance – which really is an essential add on. All of this makes doing your research before …

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Chilli Insurance, ‘Pay Per K’ Car Insurance

Chilli post pay per k

What you should know about ‘pay per k’ car insurance You may have heard about the latest car insurance product to hit South Africa. It’s a new type of comprehensive car insurance offering that hinges on consumers paying for their cover by monitoring their mileage. It’s meant to make insurance …

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Why You Should Get ‘Pay Per K’ Car Insurance

King Price Pay Per K Car Insurance

As the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing national lockdown has continued, many people are taking increasingly worse financial hits. If you’re lucky, your salary was only reduced by a few percent, but there are lots of South Africans who’ve been placed on unpaid leave or lost their jobs entirely. It’s a …

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4 Reasons Why Your Parents Are Right About Car Insurance

Girls sitting on car

When there are cars on the road, it’s just a given that there will be fender-benders, pedestrian incidents and other unfortunate accidents. Not only can these result in injuries and emotional trauma, but there are often (almost always, in fact) financial consequences. If you’ve ever been in 1 of these …

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The Pros and Cons of Cancelling Your Car Insurance

Woman Driving Car

Before cancelling your car insurance policy, think about the risks. If you’ve gone to all the trouble of searching for the right car insurance quote, choosing a policy that suits you, and paying your premiums on time, then if you’re considering cancelling your policy, take a few moments to consider …

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