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4 Easy Ways To Make Money From Till Slips In South Africa

In a world where every cent counts, finding innovative ways to put a little extra cash in your pocket can make a significant difference. Surprisingly, your till slips can play a role in earning you money. Yes, those seemingly mundane pieces of paper that capture your purchases can be transformed into money-making tools. In this blog post, we’ll explore four easy ways to make money from your till slips.

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4 Easy Ways To Make Money From Till Slips In South Africa

  1. SnapnSave: Turning Purchases Into Cashback

SnapnSave operates on the principle of granting you cashback when you purchase specific items on offer. The process involves reserving the offers within the app, completing your shopping as usual, and then claiming your offers by submitting your corresponding till slip. The funds are subsequently credited to your SnapnSave wallet, ready for withdrawal to your bank account. If you’re interested in learning more, take a look at my detailed review of SnapnSave.

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  1. SavvySaver: Unlocking Deals And Vouchers

SavvySaver rewards you with 50 points for each till slip obtained from major retailers, along with additional points for select offers. Each point holds a value of 1 cent, making the accumulation process straightforward. The rewards are versatile, encompassing options like airtime, data, vouchers for renowned establishments such as Takealot, Dischem, and Pick n Pay, as well as eWallet options. Furthermore, the inclusion of EFT payments is on the horizon. For more comprehensive understanding, read my SavvySaver review.

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  1. PanelSmart: Sharing Your Shopping Habits For Rewards

PanelSmart takes a different approach to leveraging your till slips by inviting you to become part of a consumer panel. By signing up and sharing your shopping data, you contribute valuable insights to brands and retailers. This information helps them better understand consumer preferences and trends. In return, you earn rewards such as gift cards, or you can buy products from their website.

PanelSmart essentially turns your till slips into a tool for market research, enabling you to profit from your shopping habits while influencing the products and services available in the market.

Read my PanelSmart review here.

  1. The School-Days Initiative Edupoints – Transforming Purchases Into Educational Resources

The School-Days Initiative adds an educational twist to the concept of making money from your till slips. This platform allows you to earn Edupoints based on your spending from partnered retailers, which can then be converted into resources for schools. By partnering with The School-Days Initiative, retailers and brands contribute a portion of their sales to educational initiatives. Your till slips thus become a means to pay your school fees or support education, making a positive impact on local schools and students.

Who knew that your everyday till slips could hold the potential for making money and supporting valuable causes? Platforms like SnapnSave, Savvy Saver, PanelSmart, and The School-Days Initiative have unlocked innovative ways to transform your purchases into cash, savings, rewards, and educational resources. By utilising these apps, you’re not only making the most of your spending habits but also contributing to your financial well-being. So, the next time you receive a till slip, remember that it’s more than just a record of your purchases—it’s a gateway to various opportunities.

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  1. Perfect I’m going to withdraw from my snap and save in December for holiday groceries

  2. I am using Snap n Save and I want to check out Panel Smart. Thanks for Sharing

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