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SavvySaver Review – Get Money Back On Your Shopping

I love saving money where I can and getting money back on shopping is even better. Read my SavvySaver review to see how you can make money back on your grocery shopping slips.

SavvySaver Review - Get Cash Back On Your Shopping

What Is SavvySaver

SavvySaver is a platform that rewards you for your shopping at major retailers and offers cash back for submitting your slips.

How Does SavvySaver Work?

You sign up on their website and wait until your membership is approved. Once your membership has been approved you can download the SavvySaver app and login using your phone number.

Once you are in the app using it is super simple. There is an upload slip button, click on it and take a photo of your slip to submit your shopping slip.

Each slip you submit from a major retailer will earn you 50 points. In addition to that there are also offers on specific products that will earn you more points. 1 point is equal to 1c.

You can cash out via vouchers (Takealot, Dis-Chem & Pick n Pay), airtime, data, and eWallet. EFT cash outs are coming soon.

Is SavvySaver Legit – Does SavvySaver Pay Out?

Yes SavvySaver is legit. I’ve cashed out three times, each time for a R100 Takealot voucher since I love buying on Takealot.

How Long Does SavvySaver Take To Pay Out?

My vouchers have been received within a day or so each time I’ve cashed out, so they are on the ball and cash out quickly.

SavvySaver app

My SavvySaver Review

I was super chuffed to hear about SavvySaver since I am a huge fan of getting cash back on my shopping. I downloaded the app first and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t login but was notified that I had to sign up first on their website. After signing up I was notified that I was on the waiting list and would be notified when I was approved. This was honestly a bit of a disappointment.

About a week later I was notified that I can jump that waiting list by referring 5 people. I referred some people and after a few days I was approved. While it was easy for me to refer people to get approved I really don’t like this concept of having to refer people to get approved. Don’t get me wrong, I love referring people to products and services that I use, but being forced to refer people to something that I have no personal experience with sits wrong with me.

That said I absolutely love SavvySaver. It is so easy to earn points since every slip earns 50 points. I made my first 10000 points within a month of joining and cashed out my first R100 Takealot voucher. It was sent to me quickly (within about a day).

Submitting slips is very easy and I like that SavvySaver automatically allocates the points for the offers without me having to do a thing.

I did have one slip that was rejected with the reason given that the slip was more than 7 days old, however, it was a slip from shopping done that day. I sent a query via Whatsapp and it took ages for someone to come back to me and resolve it (about 2 weeks).

I love that there are a number of ways to withdraw from SavvySaver including eWallet so you can get cash in your hand if you want to.

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SavvySaver Pros And Cons


  • You can earn at least 50 points for every slip submitted.
  • You can earn additional points for products on offer.
  • Submitting slips is quick and easy.
  • Slips are approved and points allocated very quickly.
  • Claims are processed quickly and paid out fast.
  • It’s easy to reach the cash out amounts.
  • There are multiple ways to cash out.


  • You can only submit one photo per slip, which means if your slip is long it is often blurry and won’t be approved.
  • There are limits for the offers but its not clear what those limits are. Sometimes I earn for offers, sometimes I get a message saying my limit for that offer has been reached. It would be nice to have more clarity on this.
  • There is a waiting list to get in.
  • To skip the waiting list they ask you to refer 5 people.
  • Getting support is not so easy. I contacted them once for a slip that was not approved when it should have been and it took 2 weeks to get it sorted.

All in all SavvySaver is a superb way to make money from your till slips and really adds up nicely over time. I highly recommend you give it a try.

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  1. Hi and tx for the money saving reviews. On board with SnS, SS and looking forward to Panel one. As an influencer are you not able to secure an audience with Savvy Saver to get clarity on the cons as I too have experienced rejection and limit reached responses.

  2. I would love to try this I love saving money

  3. I love saving money so this is definitely for me

  4. Wow. This was a good and super helpful read. I’m always up for saving where I can so adding your insights on how to save more with SavvySaver is amazing.

  5. Gugulethu Chirungwa

    I’ll definitely start using savvy saver then I didn’t know it existed thank you for the information

  6. I have been in Savvysaver but find a long slip is useless to use as you cannot make multiple snaps of any 1 slip hence you slip gets rejected.

    • Casper yes that is something I find incredibly frustrating too! It would be amazing if they updated it so we could take multiple photos of one slip since trying to take a clear photo of an entire monthly grocery slip is impossible.

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