7 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Fresh & Clean

Sometimes your home will smell stuffy but why rush off to buy expensive commercial products when you can make your home smell fresh and clean using ingredients that you probably already have at home for hardly any cost at all? This video by Clean My Space on Youtube is brilliant, sharing some really great natural ways to freshen up your home.

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  1. @lynne this post do the same no video to watch maybe just have a look might be my phone but me and nicol had a problem on previous post.

    • Any luck / feedback yet @lynne, I know you just got back from your vacay but just putting it out there to see if its our devices or if there wasnt a video to begin with xxx

      • @nics82 it does show the picture but thats about it its the second one we both get tha we cant watch the video.

  2. Lynne Huysamen

    OMG @nics82 and @lisaanderson well that is embarrassing, I just you know forgot to add the video… like the most important bit.

    Thanks so much for making me aware, now I need to find which other one is missing the video!

  3. Now that i watched video @lynne omw yes we can use our slow cookers for this LOL one thing i do first in mornings is open the windows and doors when we take our shoes off we either also leave them at the door on the rug or we put them in the cupboards right away…baking soda cool everyone have that at hand im sure…

  4. Lynne Huysamen

    Yes another reason to love our slow cookers!

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