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Scarf Patterns for Winter

Woman wearing white scarf and hat

Scarves are wonderful accessories. They’re lovely pieces to accent your outfit, and they keep you warm. Scarves are easy to make, they come in all kinds of different designs, and you can customize them with any embellishments or colors you want. If you’re looking for scarves to keep you warm …

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DIY Blackhead Remover Peel Off Face Mask

DIY blackhead remover peel off face mask

This is a great DIY blackhead remover peel off face mask that you just have to try if you struggle with blackheads! It is oh so simple to make and is very economical compared to so many of the commercial products. I hope you enjoy this!

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DIY Hand and Foot Treatments

DIY hand and foot treatments

Finding the time and finances to go for a professional hand and foot treatment may be tricky for a lot of women, so here is a way to get around that with a DIY hand and foot treatment. It is so possible to give yourself or someone special a treat …

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Bath Bombs, Sugar Scrub and Bath Salts

Bath bombs bath scrub bath salts

These bath bombs, sugar scrub and bath salts are so divine. These homemade and natural bath products make amazing gifts and are also great to pamper yourself. I’m not sure about you but I just love this video from Evonna Who on Youtube.

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3 DIY Bath Scrubs

These are such awesome recipes for DIY bath scrubs, made from all natural ingredients. I am loving the Youtube videos by Honeysuckle sharing amazing tips and natural recipes. These scrubs will make the most amazing homemade gifts.

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