Best Ways to safeguard your child against fungal infection

Best Ways To Safeguard Your Child From Fungal Infection

If you observe your child frequently scratching a particular part of his/her body, it could be a fungal infection. More than one fungus is called fungi. Skin fungi live in the moist areas of the body like in between fingers and toes, the diaper area, and the groin.

When they grow in number, more than what body immune system can withstand, a fungal infection is caused. As a result, your child may experience irritation, swelling, itching, blistering or scaling of the vulnerable areas of the body.

Different Types of Tinea Infections

The most common types of fungal infections are:

  1. Tinea Infection (Ringworm)
  2. Tinea Versicolor

Both cause discomfort and distraction of mind of your child,which may affect his/her studies. Hence, treatment is essential. The first step towards treatment is you must know the further classification of the fungal infections.

  1. Tinea Infections or Ringworm

It is a ring-shaped scaly patch; red colored with a clear center. It may be caused due to malnourishment in infants, poor hygiene in kids, and contact with other children or pets already suffering from ringworm infection. This fungal infection may appear in any of the following forms in children:

  • Jock Itch or groin ringworm commonly found in boys and is characterized by severe itching in the groin area; with red colored ring-like
  • Scalp ringworm very common in children, aged 2 to 10 years and is highly contagious. You can know it if your child has consistent itching of scalp, hair loss or rash in other parts of the child’s body. Be alerted for treatment if you find a red, scaly rash on your child’s scalp
  • Body Ringworm can affect children, adolescents, and adults, marked by a ring rash on face or body

Consult your physician for advice on skin scalping or culturing for confirming the diagnosis. He will advise for specific treatment depending on the age and tolerance of your child, location of the ringworm, and the severity of the condition.

If your child has Jock Itch, you can administer homeopathic medications such as H-Jock Itch Formula which is totally safe and natural. But if your child is a toddler or still breastfeeding please consult your physician immediately.

  1. Tinea Versicolor

It occurs in early childhood and adolescence with the mark of darker or lighter patches on your child’s back or chest. Jock Itch is contagious, stubborn and persists for a long time. You must take appropriate medication to get rid of it.

The special characteristic of this disease is that, although not very much harmful physically, apart from severe itching, it might affect the mental condition of your child.

It may cause a lot of social embarrassment for your child. The worst part is, your child may develop a kind of inferiority complex.

As a mean of quicker relief, you can use the prescribed fungal creams which are prescribed by your physician.

If your child has fungal infections like jock itch and athletes foot then always carry along jock itch cream while travelling or if your child is training athlete.

Precautionary Measures for Children to Avoid Jock Itch Infection

The best way of preventing your child from Jock Itch fungal infection is to take care of your child’s lifestyle.

You should teach your child to do the following Do’s and Don’ts as listed below:

  • To keep inner thighs, groin, and buttocks clean and dry and use powder on these areas
  • To wash underwear, washout clothes, towels, socks after each use
  • To wear slippers while using showers and public bathing areas
  • Not to lend or borrow clothing, towels, combs, sports equipment
  • To use undergarments, made from breathable fabrics

Jock Itch In Girls

Jock Itch in girls often occurs due to obesity. It may affect the pubic area, groin, labia, and inner thigh, under the breasts, abdomen, and buttocks.

You can avoid it by not wearing tight jeans and maintaining your blood sugar level within the normal range.

There are famous celebrities treating jock itch. Few names worth mentioning are Dr. Mike Abrams, former GMHC, and author of “Coping with Fatal Disease” and its co-author Lidia. Dr. James Fortenberry, MD is from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  Those from Los Angeles CA are Sharon’s Yashar, Ada Winkielman, and Charles Linden.

Your child is your most precious asset for yourself. Falling victim to fungal infections might become a great hindrance to his/her mental state and consequently, their studies.

Take care of your child in summer and while they are playing outdoors.

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