Ways to Bond with your Baby during Pregnancy

5 Ways to Bond with your Baby during Pregnancy

Contrary to what many believe, bonding with your child begins while it is still in the womb. In the early months of pregnancy, bonding can be a bit difficult because you aren’t able to feel the kicks or see little more than a blob on the ultrasound; however as the mother’s bump grows and the child along with it, the unconditional love and devotion all parents feel towards their children can begin developing.

Bonding with your unborn baby is necessary and should be done with both parents around if possible. Mothers generally bond more while the child is in the womb simply because they are carrying it and can feel the subtle movements and enjoy the unexplainable feeling of content knowing that their child is growing within them, however the fathers should as well.

Bond your unborn baby

Ways To Bond With Your Baby During Pregnancy

1. Massaging
Massaging the bump is a great way to bond between the parents and the unborn child. With various aromatic oils and lotions, parents can massage the mothers belly as it begins to grow. Many women do this regardless in an attempt to prevent those unsightly stretch marks, so why not make it a family ritual? The smells from the oils and lotions is very relaxing and can create a fantastic atmosphere for bonding.

2. Singing and talking
There are actually devices out there that attach to the stomach from a small microphone so that the unborn child can begin to enjoy the relaxing sound of its parent’s voices. From singing lullaby’s (something parents should get used to from a very early start), to simply talking about day to day business or reading a book out loud, any communication between the parents and the child helps strengthen the bond.

3. Classes
Attending various classes is a fantastic way for both parents to bond with the child and prepare for its arrival. Birthing classes will show the dad and mom how to handle the labour, how to breathe during the process, how to cope with the pain during labour and what to expect. Parenting classes are a great tool for first time parents to learn how to properly swaddle a child, the basics of breast feeding, and other essentials for the newborn baby. Preparation and understanding is what these classes teach, and it will be a phenomenal tool for parents as they experience the joys of their upcoming child together.

4. Go for walks
Walking is a fantastic way to not only prepare your body physically for labor (and to speed it along if you’re past your due date), but also to bond. Whether its just mommy walking, or if dad is coming along to, walking gives you some quiet relaxation time to clear your mind and simply just focus on the “now”.

5. Scans
Perhaps one of the best bonding experiences for parents and their unborn child is the scans. Scans make the baby so much more real, allows you to actually see what the child looks like, and you can take a photo home and keep it in a safe place.

There are various types of scans that can be taken at varying weeks during the pregnancy. The early pregnancy scan is just to confirm that the mother is pregnant and that the unborn child is viable. After that, a gender scan is done (typically between 20-35 weeks) – this is optional, but most parents opt to know their childs gender to continue bonding with it more and prepare for its arrival with gender specific decorations and clothing.

Another scan is the 3D/4D ultrasound and this is truly an experience parents will enjoy. You should typically have this scan done between 20-35 weeks as well. You shouldn’t wait too long for this scan as your child won’t have enough room within the womb for a really clear and great photo of the scan, however you still want to have your child with all of its facial features and digits developed.

The bonding process between parents and the unborn child can begin from the very day that the woman knows she’s pregnant. Between belly rubs, parenting classes, and general communication with the child, the bond will strengthen and grow as the bump gets larger and the due date quickly approaches. Always make sure that the father is included in the bonding experience as much as possible because it will truly bring a family so much closer and create a very relaxed atmosphere for the child.

What are the ways you bonded with your baby during pregnancy? Leave a comment below to join the discussion. 

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  1. What a great post thanks am in the process of bonding with my baby and it’s a great feeling and ultrasound make it more special

  2. This a great post…i was talking to my baby singing andwhen ifeel his foot kicking i touch or rub my belly it was important to bond from day one and i involved daddy and oumas also to be touch and talk. I was also not reading in silence i would read out loud if i read something. I also went regular for scans.

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