Best Potty Training Book for kids

I Want My Potty Review – Best Potty Training Book For Kids

My daughter loves her “I Want My Potty Book” and I’ve been asked by a mom on my Facebook page to recommend the best potty training book for kids. Not a book for her to learn how to potty train her daughter but a book that will help her daughter understand the potty.

Best Potty Training Book for Kids… I want my potty book

i want my potty bookWhen I was potty training my daughter my mom bought her a lovely book called “I want my potty” by Tony Ross. It is about a little princess that is potty training and how she starts playing with the potty in the beginning and then starts to love the potty. It is beautifully illustrated and lots of fun.

The moment I showed her this book it was immediately a firm favorite and she picked it for her bedtime story almost every single night for months on end…. you know like they do.

When she had an  accident she would grab her book and show me the page where the little princess had an accident and tell me “Its ok Mommy, it’s just an accident. Accidents happen.”

I wrote quite a few posts about potty training and what was going on for us at that time. It was my first journey as a mom into this potty training world. I often felt quite lost and frustrated, as I am sure she did too.

Her first success on the potty was a huge milestone for us.

This book really helped my daughter and she kept this book by her side while she learned how to use the potty and then the toilet. Now you know why our book looks so tattered (well actually all our books look quite tattered, books well read by toddlers look like that).

Now that my son is 2 years old we are now plonk in the middle of potty training him. This book that has been gathering dust for a year on the book shelf has once again been pulled out and my son is now infatuated with it. Yes he is not a little princess but having a big sister he seems to think Barbie and Princesses are just fine so the book is doing beautifully for him too.

I did check and there appears to be only the Little Princess books available and nothing specifically for boys, however I don’t think that having a gender specific book is really important.

So if you are busy with potty training your child or you are wanting to buy a gift for someone I really recommend this book as not just a great read but as something that will make the potty training journey so much easier for mommy and child.

Have you read this book? Do you recommend another book as the best potty training book for kids?

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  1. I will definitely get my hands on this book. I’m currently busy with potty training my 2 year old but it’s not going well? he loves books so this will get him interested!

    • Hi Nicole, yes this is an awesome book! My son is also 2 years old turning 3 in December so we are almost all done with potty training, except for the night nappy.

  2. I wish i knew but now i wont use tips because now my son is 3years and he dont use potty anymore.i will only use this tips in future.

  3. I wasnt aware of these potty traininh books ill consider getting one to help moms need all the help advice and tips they can get to make life easier.

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