Natural Ways to Bring on Labour

9 Natural Ways to Bring on Labour

If you are tired of being pregnant check out these natural ways to bring on labour!

1 Sex

Semen contains prostaglandins which can soften the cervix. Sex also produces the hormone Oxytocin which is the labour hormone!

2 Nipple Stimulation

When your nipples are stimulated, your body produces Oxytocin – the same hormone that causes contractions in labour.

3 Walking, Stairs, Cleaning House

Being active causes the baby’s head to push down on the cervix.

4 Drink Castor Oil

It is believed that castor oil can boost the digestive system and simultaneously enhance the probability of labour, but it also has some rather irritating side effects including diarrhoea, sickness and nausea. It can also cause your baby to poop inside the womb which is dangerous!

5 Evening Primrose Oil

This is another cervix ripening method which can be used orally and/ or internally. From 36 weeks you can take an oral dose of 2-3 500mg tablers daily and/ or 2-3 capsules directly to your cervix before bed.

6 Raspberry Leaf

Raspberry Leaf is a uterine tonic, which also has added benefits after the birth for breast milk production. You can drink Raspberry Leaf Tea or if you don’t like the taste of the tea you can get Raspberry Leaf in another form from a health shop.

7 Pineapple

Pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain that could bring on labour (in fact, other tropical fruits like kiwi, mango and papaya do, too). Pineapple is very rich in Bromelain though, so eating it could have a softening and ripening effect on the cervix.

8 Curry

Some mums swear by having a hot curry to start off labour – the belief being that having spicy food could stimulate your uterus.

9 Massage, Reflexology & Acupuncture

Some practitioners will offer treatments specifically for overdue mums, but it is obviously very important that you go to a fully qualified therapist, and that your treatment is 100 per cent suitable for a mum-to-be.

Have you tried any of these ways to bring on labour? Have you heard of any of other ways to being on labour?

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  1. The last 2-3 weeks of both my pregnancies I was so ready to give birth, I would’ve tried anything! My 2nd pregnancy my labour broke right after I cleaned the house!
    I was too fat and miserable to have any sex lol

  2. Getting so fat now and it is getting hotter which doesn’t help, tempted to give these all a try! Baby due end Jan 🙂

  3. Yesssss! Ive heard about the pineapple but didnt try it – had a c-section.
    My friend drank castor oil and she said it worked – she was in labour the next day and for only 45min!!!

  4. My question is that,is it possible to get birth naturally while you got birth with c-section,i mean to say my operation is the one that is new ,they say sometimes its possible to get birth naturally with no problems so i want to be sure.

  5. I never knew about this before but now I know and I will be using all those things expect custar oil

  6. Cant imagine all the above can bring on labor this is so interesting. Good to know all these stuff can always be of advice to someone.

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