Tips for Using a Baby Swing to Calm your Baby

5 Tips for Using a Baby Swing to Calm Your Baby

There is so much talk about baby swings, with many people saying that they are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs and other moms that swear by them.

The truth is something more in the middle, as with most things, moderation is key here.

A baby swing can be a lovely thing to have and your baby may just love it. Having a baby swing can take the pressure off for a while, but using it too much could become a problem. Here are some things you should know if you are considering buying a baby swing.

If you are considering buying a baby swing here are some tips for using a baby swing to calm your baby:

1 Safety First when Using a Baby Swing

While a baby swing can be an incredible tool to get your baby to calm down and even to sleep keep in mind that there are certain safety precautions that need to be taken into consideration.

The first step before buying a baby swing is to ensure that the swing you want to purchase meets the latest safety standards. Reading through top rated baby swing reviews can be very helpful to point you in the right direction.

When you receive your new baby swing make sure to read through the instructions carefully so you know how to use it correctly.

For a baby under 4 months make sure your baby is in the most reclined position rather than an upright position.

Make sure your baby is always strapped in correctly so your baby does not fall out.

2 Use your Baby Swing to Soothe your Baby

A baby swing can be amazing to help soothe your baby, the rhythmic swinging will remind your baby of the rocking motion in the womb.

For a mother that is exhausted and has is struggling to soothe her baby a baby swing can truly be a godsend. A baby swing may be just the thing to soothe your baby and give your arms a much needed rest. You might even be able to squeeze in a hot cup of coffee.

It is important to remember that once baby has calmed down or fallen asleep you should take your baby out of the swing and your baby down to sleep in his or her cot.

Letting your baby sleep while swinging will be setting yourself up for difficulties later on, your baby will very quickly get used to this sleeping environment and putting your baby to sleep (and keeping him or her asleep) will get even harder.

3 Soothe don’t Stimulate

Lots of baby swings come with loads of different features from flashy lights, mobiles, music playing and different swing options.

You need to decide what your reason is for having a baby swing. If it is to soothe and calm your baby, then flashing lights and lots of other stimulating features is not such a great idea as it will over stimulate your baby.

Using just the swing feature on the baby swing is the best route to go for soothing. The simpler the better is the rule here.

4 A Baby Swing Feature that is Recommended for Soothing

Some baby swings come with a white noise feature and this is recommended for soothing your baby. Babies just love white noise and it is guaranteed to be soothing for your baby.

Just like the swinging motion of the baby swing reminds baby of the womb so does white noise, so having this feature with your baby swing will just make it so much more effective at soothing your baby.

5 Use a Baby Swing for Soothing not Babysitting

A baby swing is not intended to leave your baby in for long periods of time or for leaving your baby unattended.

Use the baby swing when you struggle to get your baby to sleep or when your child is distressed and you are struggling to soothe him or her. Yes of course getting a bit of a break and grabbing a cup of coffee is great, but not for extended periods of time.

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  1. We had one, my little one had Mild Colic (i cursed the doc for saying it was “mild”, it killed us). It was only bad in the late afternoon and then again at bedtime. She used to scream her lungs out – all red in her little face and I could do nothing. It broke my heart!! We then unpacked the swing and when it was “that time” we would swaddle her put her in the swing with a mildly heated bean bag placed on her tummy. It really saved us – I’m not saying it cured it but it definitely made it a little less unbearable for us and her.

    • Oh shame Tamara, that must have been awful. Thankfully neither of my babies had colic, but even so there were times I found it hard to console my babies at times. Colic must be unbearable. I am so glad to hear that a baby swing was helpful for you!

      • Not something i would wish on any mommy that’s for sure, but she was and is still worth every minute 😛

  2. Sjoh Tamara. I was terrified that my baby will also have colic. Thank goodness she didnt get it but ive heard that its terrible and so tiring.
    Will remember this advice of the swing and bean bag if baby no2 arrives one day.

    • Hi Marisca,

      I wont lie, it was tiring and so heartbreaking. Doc said it was only mild so we were lucky, i know of a mom whose little one had full blown Colic, and it was constant – i felt so bad for her. AT least with my little one it came in like waves, it would start and the longest it went on was for 45min. But by the end of that episode i was in tears and ready to pull my hair out 🙁

  3. How old is your baby now?

  4. Thats when they are the cutest

  5. Sjoh Tamara. I was terrified that my baby will also have colic. Thank goodness she didn’t get it but I’ve heard that it’s terrible and so tiring.

  6. I never use the swing for my baby the only one things that use to calm him down was a song baba black sheep he can never sleeps without it

  7. I also never used a swing i had a bouncher which my boy enjoyed and spend most of the times when he wants to play in there as it was safe padded and had his toys hanging infront of him. I never struggled with my boy to sleep he even fell asleep on my chest laying like a littlw monkey i loved that so much.

  8. You’d do just about anything to soothe your fussy baby, especially when you’re busy making dinner, helping your oldest with homework and answering an email — all at the same time. Enter: the baby swing. According to the  American Academy of Pediatrics, “Infant swings can be a valuable asset when parents need help soothing a fussy baby or a safe place for their child while they catch up on housework.” Simply settle your little one snugly into her swing, turn it on and let the swing calm your crying baby while you cross some things off your to-do list. However, swings aren’t babysitters and shouldn’t be used in every situation.  

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