remedies for constipation in babies

5 Remedies For Constipation In Babies

Having a baby with constipation is absolutely awful. Before you give your baby anything for constipation first make sure that your baby does in fact have constipation by looking for signs of constipation.

It is also important to remember that breastfed babies can poop 10 times in one day or once in 10 days. It is formula fed babies that poop daily. So don’t assume your baby is constipated just because there is no poop today.

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Remedies For Constipation

  1. Prune Juice
  2. Grapes
  3. Brown Sugar in Water or Mashed in Banana
  4. Bicycle action with their legs or tummy massage
  5. Glycerine Suppository if the above fails

What have you tried to help your constipated baby?

5 Remedies for Constipation

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  1. Prune Juice and Bananas are such a great laxative for babies and children. 🙂

    Even now my daughter has trouble going to the bathroom and those work for her too.

    Though now she can also have bran cereal, which works great!

  2. My daughter is 19 months and has constipation real bad, she poops once a week, tried a lota things but non seems to work, I took her to the doctor but they keep on telling me the samething like I have to give her yogurts and fruit there anything I can still give her? Need help please 🙁 hate seeing her in pain..

    • Oh shame Ganiefa! Have you tried taking her to a pediatrician or was that a GP you took her to? I had a friend that had a serious problem with her daughter not being able to poop and it can be a terrible thing to deal with.

      Thankfully now that her girl is 4 years old they don’t have a problem anymore.

      Worst case scenario is use a glycerine suppository, she should poop then. But don’t do this regularly, or she will become dependent on it. If this is a chronic problem you need to find a long term solution and find out what is causing the problem.

  3. My baba is only four months and two weeks. Is it safe to give him prune juice and how much of it, how often.
    Frustrated mommy?

    • Sorry for such late reply Thembi! I never saw your comment. Yes I would say it should be fine. I wouldn’t give too much though, prune juice is very concentrated… maybe just a few sips and wait a while before trying to give more. If your baby is already on solids try mushing up some grapes. I found that grapes worked really well for my kids!

  4. Since changing to AR formula my poor lb is really uncomfortable. Now I give him brownsugar water daily, and it works a charm!

  5. Yes. Ive given the 1 teaspoon brown sugar in milk. Must say it helped.
    My friend said i must try Prune juice next time as that worked for her baby.

  6. Shame i have notice on so many groups moms with new borns struggle with constipation they ask for remedies and can it be the milk they have babies on now i can help giving them this advice to try…i havent had any problems with my little one but never know when it might happen then im prepared.

  7. Pears really helps keep babies regular. My LG has never suffered from constipation, we did baby lead weaning from 6 months and pear was one of her first foods, she loves them.

  8. My baby is 1 month and has been constipated? I really need help on some remedies I’m a first time mom and I’m a little scared that she hasn’t pooped!

  9. I have tried the Prune Juice works wonders

  10. this has helped me so much with my baby

  11. Very good to know thanks.
    It was so strange to get excited when he had a number two after not being able to ????

  12. Monique Delcarme-Adams

    my son suffers from this regularly because of his limited diet. We give him brown sugar and banana. Does the trick

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