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For the last 3 months I have been taking my daughter to kiddies yoga and yes she is only turning 3 at the end of October. I was absolutely amazed at how seriously she takes it. The first class I was not feeling very positive about it as she spent most of the class sitting on the mat staring very hard at the teacher, however when we get home I understood what she was doing staring like that. She was concentrating very hard and taking absolutely everything in. The moment we got home she got down on the floor and completely shocked me by doing the entire routine 100%… over and over again for days and telling me how she “love yoga mommy”. And of course as with toddlers do, she told me that she had claimed my yoga mat as her own.

The next class she took part more and insisted on carrying “her” mat in on her own and unrolling it. The class is 30 minutes long so the kids don’t get too distracted and full of fun poses and animal noises, along with some energetic and fun things. Towards the end is relaxation.

At R120 per month for weekly classes I would definitely recommend this class to someone looking for a weekly activity for their little one. For moms looking for an exercise class I would recommend taking some me-time and joining an adult class, I was doing a class myself but between a new baby, running my own business and a very active toddler… well I had to take a rain check for a few months and will be starting up again in the new year.

Yoga is a practice that teaches coordination, patience and awareness. Balance, flexibility and muscle tone are all improved through the practice of asana (poses), which are usually based on animal themes. Unlike adult classes, kids are encouraged to make noises making it a fun filled 30 minutes of practice.

Contact Jess for bookings and more information about yoga.
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Kids Yoga

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  1. It’s so cool to have these fun activities to do with the kids, especially during summer months. 🙂

    When my daughter was three and four years old, we took bellydancing classes together. 😀

    We messed up a lot! But it was so much fun! Very happy memories with that.

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