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Your Guide to a Comprehensive Workout for your Lower Back

Exercise and fitness give strength to hip flexors to avoid bad postures, injuries during workouts and muscle imbalance. “It is said that work hard in silence. Let success be your noise”. – Frank Ocean.

The body’s back is the foundation of the body’s strength and lower back is the foundation of that strength.  Workout to make muscles strong enables us to do every activity with ease. The stronger the lower back is the easier it will be to get baby out of the car and car seat out of the car and all shopping bags all in one go. Lower back workout improves muscle stability and gives strength, decrease the risk of Osteoporosis, reduce blood pressures, increases the calorie burn, gives a mental boost and improves the overall look.

Your Guide to a Comprehensive Workout for your Lower Back

Tips for best Back workout routine

These tips are used for achieving the comprehensive workout for lower back that pushes all of your body’s back muscles.

Activate Muscles: if you want to bulk up your back muscles then try to engage them in activities all the time. Just keep an eye on every muscle functioning for what purpose and how they can be activated.

Use Proper Form: Doing exercise will not help you to build muscles efficiently but will escape you from serious injury. Perform such serious action about which you know scientifically that it will help you at this extent.

Get Doctor Approval: if you have had an injury in your past then before starting gym consult your doctor about its consequences. Don’t put yourself at a risk to just give shape or strength to your back.

Use the right amount of weight: if you got doctor approval then still you need to lift less weight. Don’t lift weight in excitement or have made bet with others. This will lose you and just you, not others.

Lower Back workout

When you want to eliminate lower back pain or want to give shape to your physique a solid and heavy lower back workout is needed. Protein enriched diet will help you to build your back that you always dreamed of. Spice out your workouts with a variety of grips and varied position for performing exercises.

Back Extensions for your Lower Back Workout

Lower back pain can be reduced by working on the lower back. Lower back provides support and strength that is required too loft objects in daily life. the lower back workout is carried out after completing the upper back exercise. But all of the above lower back injuries smashed upper back strength and muscles too. in any case, lower back won’t be injured.

Lower back exercise targets the erector spinae muscles that run all along the back and perform its functions. Spinae strength causes the strength of other muscles which gives shape to the body’s element for all of the other lifting.

How to do it

  • It can be done by using the Roman chair or hypertension apparatus. Balance your position over it so that bench or pad comes right behind of your pelvis with which you can spin freely at the waist. Heels must fit below the pads so that it may hold you in place while moving around the waist.
  • Keep arms chest.
  • Keep your back straight, pull yourself up so that torso comes in line with leg position. Start moving slowly so that you can control movements completely.   

Woman weight training


Another way to do lower back exercise while doing reps is to just hold yourself in an extended position. Hold down the position for at least 15 seconds to initiate yourself and then take a start and workout for 30 seconds almost. Now your stamina has increased. Now you are in such a position of holding free weight across the chest and can lead this exercise to most difficult phase gradually.

Deadlifts: Back workout for Mass

Deadlifts are a great way to work on back muscles. If you are getting a feeling that by having deadlifts you will hurt yourself or will get an injury, then your fears are unfounded. Research and studies have shown this fact that good and proper use of deadlifts won’t harm your back. Deadlifts are a great source to build thickness at back. Deadlifts target taps and lats both.

Deadlifts are performed with the help of a long bar with free weights that can be hung at its sides.

How to do

  • Load up the bar with significant weights that you can easily lift on each side of the bar.
  • Then do some reps with weight but people take lifting as a challenge and in many competitions, it is considered as the mega challenge for competitors.
  • Bend down at your knees and waist, hold bar using your overhand grip with your arms fully extendable. The back should be erected and don’t have a slight bend or curve.
  • Try to stand up gradually by pulling the weight with arms until you stand on your feet with the bar at the upper bound of your head or at the equal level of your chest. Shoulders should be at the back with arms fully in extendable form.
  • Now lower the weight down slowly to the ground or the position where you lifted by keeping the body under the same position which you have adopted while lifting, bend down on your knees and back.


Sumo style or hex bar can be used as an alternative to deadlifts. You can try this and choose what suits you more.

Benefits of Strong Lower back Workout

  • Provide balance during exercise and muscle gaining
  • need to train legs
  • need to train the core
  • need to train whole back
  • keep hip flexors and core in shape for good training
  • provide support to posture
  • lifting/standing/sitting and squatting

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