Week 3 my weight loss journey

Week 3 My Weight Loss Journey

Last week when I gave my update I was feeling demotivated and quite negative towards my weight loss process. I am so pleased to let you all know that this week has improved in a big way.

The first thing is that for the first time in a long time I made it through the week without anyone calling me fat. I did however get someone commenting on my weight. A lovely lady in the Wimpy in Laguna Mall called me over when I was walking past and told me I am looking great and she said she can see I have lost some weight. Thanks Elizma, you made my week!

I weighed myself today and I have gone down from 77.8kgs to 77.3kgs. Yes I know that ½kg is not a massive achievement but it is an improvement so I am proud of myself. I also measured my tummy and I have gone down from 106cm to 104cm so I have lost 2cm there. Another achievement that I am very pleased with!

This week I have also felt great physically so I can not only see an improvement, I can feel it too.

All of my goals for this last week were achieved, the biggest one being that I managed to change my mindset towards this challenge. I am once again feeling motivated and enthusiastic. The fact that I am losing weight helps a lot, but I do believe it was due mostly to the hypnosis for weight loss . I am going to make sure that I do some of that every now and then throughout this process to keep me on track.

Something interesting that I noticed this week is that since I started eating breakfast early every morning I am getting hungrier earlier in the day. When I was skipping meals I didn’t get hungry until late in the day. For this reason I am going to include a morning snack in my goals this week.

Here are my 3 goals for the next week:

  • Eat a healthy morning snack every day at about 10am
  • Increase my daily water intake to 2 litres a day
  • Increase my weekly exercise to 4 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes.

I had some questions on social media regarding the exercise, I am still doing this 32 minute cardio workout each time. I enjoy it and it is working well for me. I try out some more workouts soon but for now I am just sticking with what is working for me and getting myself into the habit of doing exercise regularly.

In case you are wondering about the snacks I am planning for this week it will be a handful of biltong and nuts, And yes I will be continuing with the goals I have achieved in previous weeks. These include eating a healthy breakfast every morning (yogurt, fruit and seeds), drinking 2 cups of green tea every day and eating salad with every supper.

I will catch up with you all next week Wednesday, I wish you all a great week.

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  1. This is so great @lynne I wish I will be motivated like you after the baby. Your doing great

  2. Hi @lynne
    Congratulations on the weight loss and cm loss!! Every single bit counts!
    As you know I have been battling to get motivated this whole year. I started with the meditation you shared with us in week 2. Honestly I do believe that it has helped me get my mind to focus. I started my journey on Tuesday, yes its only been three days I know BUT I’ve been trying to get started since January lol
    I believe this is thanks to the meditation – so much so that I have set my own goal to accept the the challenge on the video and listen to the meditation every day for 30 days.
    Thank you so much for sharing Lynne 🙂

    • YAY! I am so happy @tamara737 – you got to try it to know that it makes a difference right? Keep doing those motivations, it really helped me get back on track and I am so motivated.

  3. Definitely @lynne!!! At the moment I’m preparing myself mentally but have definitely started making better decisions about what food i eat. My goal is to start following a program by Monday, but thanks to the meditation I’m definitely feeling that i CAN do this 🙂

  4. @lynne Day 6 of meditation and feeling good ?

  5. Thanks so much Lynne ?

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