Top 3 Weight Loss Smoothies – oh so yummy and healthy!

I am loving these awesome smoothies that Liezl Jane Strydom is sharing on her Youtube channel. So many smoothies look like they taste awful but these weight loss smoothies look so yummy I can’t wait to try them.

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  1. Amazon are the place to shop…they have so many things available…i’ve tried my own smootie but not weight loss smoothie just a normal healthy fruit smoothie took a few different fruits about 3-4 fruits i used mango, banana, paw-paw and grapes(i used fruits i had available) in a blender with a glass of plain yougurt and glass of 100% fruit juice used tropical flavour and turned out very tasty and fruity and ill make more even using different fruits.

  2. Yummy – Smoothies for breakfast are the best, easy to make and not very time consuming. We use bananas, grapes & strawberries. A cup of plain yoghurt and some ice

  3. These look amazing!! And the AVO??? Yummy!!!

  4. These smoothies looks devine and its healthy but is there a incrediant to add or take out just to enjoy the smoothies without loosing weight or can you enjoy them just not as often as when u want to loose weight.

  5. @zheunez more smoothies that is weight loss and now you cant complain dieet is boring or you dont know what to eat or drink these smoothies will be fun and enjoyable for you.

  6. There looks yummy and it can make me full

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